RNN – Policing and ISIS

Download: RNN – February 26, 2015

Tom Osborne addresses two of the toughest subjects of our time:

Policing practices in our cities and states, including “SWAT”, and militarization, it’s intent, and concerns about outside jurisdiction command and control. Then he’ll address Islam, from it’s origin, to Jihad, and ISIS; and then Islamits – their goals, and ambitions – even here!

We’ll just dive in, and have the discussion…

Tom OsborneFollowing a tour in the Marine Corps, Tom Osborne spent 25 years with The Los Angeles Police Department retiring as an Area Commander, and then served another 28 years as a police management and training consultant. He was a member of the planning team that created the original SWAT program, and was one of its early team leaders. In 1978 he was selected to be the first Area Commander of the department’s newest station in Watts. He was an adjunct faculty member teaching at The University of Southern California for 35 years.

 He became interested in Islam as a result of the emerging Nation of Islam and Black Panther civil unrest movements in the late 1960’s, which culminated in a 5 1/2 hour gun battle with the Black Panthers in 1969. Later he studied Islam in both undergraduate and graduate school. Following the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers, he began and continues an in-depth study on Islam and Islamic Jihad . He has become a recognized authority in this area and has been teaching classes and making presentations on these topics for the past 9 years.

 Videos by Tom Obsorne:

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