A Man on the Land! Rich Scheben

Download: RNN – May 28, 2015
Rich Scheben will visit with us about this unique subject matter and give us a new look at choices for life; and at the choice this family made. He’s gone from a high test business, big city environment…to a natural, open, and remote self-sufficient lifestyle.


Rich Scheben          Rich Scheben

Rich Scheben grew up in the metropolitan area of N.Y.C.  With degrees in Forestry, Business Administration, and Marketing he lived the part of the New York businessman and night-life denizen. However, Rich had a second life which he spent in the world of the outdoors; reveling in the sport of fishing and hunting, seeking to be as far away from mainstream city life as possible. Life had been a duel existence of nightclubs in the evenings, then driving till dawn to be at the river with fly rod in hand for the morning trout rise or an early morning pheasant hunt.

His dream as a young man was to move to the wilds of Montana to hunt, fish, and live off of the land.  At age 26 he made the move.  Rich has now been living in Montana for 28 years and living off grid for over 7 years.  Rich and Karen now live without  traditional running water, flushing toilets, interior pipes, water heater, pressure tank, freezer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, T.V. and most modern conveniences. They heat their cabin with an Amish wood cook stove; their only source of heat.  They hunt, fish, and grow produce for food.  They raise their own animals and harvest edible and medicinal plants.

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