Build the “states”

The purpose of the Build the “states” call is to inform the American People how they can assist in the  re-inhabitation process of the de jure vacancies in our free states. (Please see our Mission Statement) It is to help all the states grow, to answer questions, and as an educational platform. Republic leadership from several states are on the call to answer your questions. We invite all who want to learn. We are looking for leaders who want to build their states by being a contact person for their state, work to build assemblies, or are  willing to serve in an interim (provisional) governmental position.  Bear in mind that all of these positions are volunteer.

We need 5 – 6 positions minimum in each state. Nominees need to be willing to devote some time and effort in their position and to work toward bringing more folks to the knowledge and understanding of the Republic and our founding documents. Everyone already working in these positions have families, jobs, and other commitments, so we are not strangers to the dedication and effort it takes to do this. We are working toward the time, when the people can have true de jure elections in their prospective states and restore our Republic according to the organic constitution and the original intent of our Founding Fathers.

Old NW Territory crop
Excerpt from The Old Northwest Territory, Indiana Historical Society

In order to be best prepared for the call, please read the documents below describing the overview, process,  vetting guidelines and the Northwest Ordinance Act, along with other important information relevant to Building our States.



Vetting Packet #1

Downloadable Instructional documents:

1Stat50-Overview Process

Gives a brief explanation of 1 Stat 50 and an overview of the process that the candidates will go thru. Duties and obligations of the candidates are also listed, along with some miscellaneous info.

Vetting Policy and Checklist for the free states

The first 3 pages are the vetting policy and requirements of the candidates for vetting. The last 2 pages are a checklist for the states of the reading material, and information required before the vetting process can begin.

1Stat 50 Letter of Recommendation

For use if a group recommends an individual for a position

Northwest Ordinance – 1 Stat 50

This is the entire Northwest Ordinance, and 1 Stat 50 in one document.

Vetting Packet #2- Required Reading Material

(Recommended for all who want better understanding of the Republic..please check back, as new material may be added)

Downloadable Founding Documents to Read:

(all documents are downloadable and free except for Re-Inhabited, please see the link for details)

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution of the United States of America

The Bill of Rights

Mission Statement

Joint Resolution to Affirm Unity in an Interim Government

Legitimacy of Declaration of Sovereign Intent

What is a Republican form of Government?

Executive Summary

Transition to the Republic (Also the PR on Roadmap for Re-Inhabitation of the Republic)

Law Form of our Republic

Indivisible Republic

Restoring the States in the Republic: Why and How it must be done

Lawful Continuation of the Republic

Re-Inhabited Volumes 1 & 2  (Not required, but highly recommended for the truthful history and the story of the Re-Inhabitation)

Implementation of Northwest Ordinance

Declaration of Sovereign Intent and Proclamation of Claim and Interest

Our Pursuit of Domestic Tranquility (Public Notice)

Harmless Errors and Omissions Statement (Public Notice)

Wednesday Evenings – Conference Call Information
Live Q&A Please bring your questions!

6:00 Pac/9:00 East
Conf: (605) 475-3250
Code: 309273#
Playback : (605) 475-3257

Information about the interim government that is restoring Operations under the Constitution for the United States of America