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The Solution

There is ONLY ONE lawful solution regardless of our affiliations.  The solution involves rallying the American People around the governance system as established and ratified UNDER the Constitution. That includes the Churches, the Militias, the Military and, at some point, the support of the international community. The key to this is UNITY.  The main reason the People suffer is that the enemy is absolutely united in their efforts to DISTORT the TRUTH.  Once the People UNDERSTAND the Truth, it will be plain WHO is on WHAT side and by their FRUIT they will be graded.

No one part of the governance structure has MORE Authority than the other parts.  Any perceived Authority or Power that might “appear” is SITUATIONAL and NOT absolute.  Office holders ARE delegated specific duties and responsibilities that place them in a position to make decisions that affect the People, in part or in the whole.

The Republic for the United States of America has lawfully RECLAIMED the governance system that was set aside (abandoned) by the corporation.  This re-inhabited Republic is the key to UNITY. In short, the Republic for the United States of America is the lawful civil authority for this country. We are the key component to the solution and we seek to collaborate and share the information that we have verified and validated in the Statutes at Large, the personal correspondence and reflections of the Founders and the evidence against the corporate actors as they pertain to the Constitution.

We have no doubt that the American People will rally around their Republic. We are reaching out to other groups of like-minded People to CONSIDER and VALIDATE for themselves the information and conclusions that we present BASED upon the Constitution.  As the Founders considered their AUTHORITY TO ACT a RIGHT GIVEN by God, we MUST, even though the government cannot enact ANY law establishing or denying the Right to Religious Freedom, consider the FAITH of the Founders as a CONDITION, if nothing else, that MUST be incorporated into the UNDERSTANDING of the force and function of the Constitution and Pursuant Laws.  Your social organization, church, agency, corporation MUST come to the aid of the Constitution and the Founders in UNITY so that your respective People within your group UNDERSTAND their Authority UNDER the Constitution.  This is the same for the Military and the Militia.  We must act in UNITY!  We cannot be divided over any of the classifications that the U.S. Corporation has thrust upon us to DIVIDE us!  We must set aside politics, religion, ethnicity, economics and ALL other THINGS that divide us and come together to SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION, which is the original oath for ALL public servants and when carefully studied the DUTY of every American!

Assumptions for the purposes of this presentation:

All parties agree that the Constitution of the United States is the supreme Law of the Land and that all authority, power and duty to act is defined BY the Constitution and that ALL considered resolutions shall be done in Pursuance of the Constitution and Laws of the United States; and

All definitions of words used come from their USE in the Constitution and the Laws of the United States made in Pursuance thereof that BE NOT CONTRARY.  When the words are not defined in the body of the Constitution, the Statutes at Large or the Laws of the United States the author uses definitions from Scripture and the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary; and

Organic Law for the United States is the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights; and

In order to understand the Constitution and Pursuant Laws IN CONTEXT one must CONSIDER the paradigm of the Founders based on their personal letters, quotes and debates of Congress and official addresses and prayers. The Founders paradigm includes, to no small extent, the teachings of the Holy Scriptures and that they were classically taught men (studied philosophy, government, law, etc… of previous societies); and

The audience of this presentation is familiar with the timeline of events and basic history of the United States and its governance; that proves that the current (de facto) government of the United States IS a FOR PROFIT CORPORATION.  Likewise, the States, all Courts, administrative agencies, at least SOME law enforcement and the Departments of the Military are FOR PROFIT PRIVATE COMPANIES as proven out by Dun and Bradstreet and can be readily found on  Additionally, most cities, towns and other local municipalities are FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS; and

Authority is the RIGHT to rule and act; and Power in governance is a specific delegated DUTY or RESPONSIBILITY and AT ALL TIMES ANSWERS to the lawful AUTHORITY; and

Authority can be delegated; and

The Founders considered their STANDING (Authority) to be God-given and that governance is instituted among men to SECURE THEIR RIGHTS (To Rule and to Act) and that governance among free men can only be successful if the governance derives its just powers by the Consent of the governed (The Lawful Authority – those with unalienable Rights); and

God is THE Creator, THE Almighty, THE Sovereign and that He gave men Dominion (Sovereign Authority) and the Duty (Power) to subdue the earth; and

We the People ARE to the Constitution as God is to Creation; The CREATOR thereof. The Constitution IS to the government as God is to Creation; the CREATOR.  NO delegated power or authority CAN BE LAWFULLY EXECUTED outside of the AUTHORITY of the governed as DELEGATED by the Consent of the governed.  That is done in a republican form of governance BY Constitution and the Pursuant Laws.  The Laws CANNOT be Contrary and NO LAW of any STATE holds a superior position to the Constitution once it was ratified.


The governance of the United States has been overthrown by a global corporate structure.  In the United States, it appears that efforts to undermine the Constitution started from the onset and those that worked to abide in their oaths were systematically outvoted, voted out or eliminated through the work of this global corporate cabal.

The most significant legislation that has been uncovered and evaluated to date occurred on and around the decade surrounding the Civil War.  In 1862 the Congress passed a resolution adopting a new oath that when compared to the original oaths to the Congress made the Congress civil officers rather than representatives of the People as was originally designed.  In 1871 at least two significant pieces of legislation were enacted that established the District of Columbia as a SEPARATE new government and was incorporated as a municipal corporation with components of the Constitution UNDER the corporate structure and within a week a piece of legislation that adopted a definition in law that made persons equal to bodies politic and corporate. Subsequent laws only made the situation worse and have developed into what we are SUBJECT to today through adhesion contracts, intimidation, duress, propaganda and the like.  The corporate structure has penetrated virtually every aspect of our lives, including the Church, the Courts, law enforcement and the Military.  Again, one need only type in “The Supreme Court of the United States or United States Supreme Court, the Department of the Army, The State of ______________ and/or the names of specific Officers that have been elected into to FIND that they are LISTED as PRIVATE COMPANIES.  The three letter agencies, which have been mostly enacted by legislation and executive order, are all PRIVATE COMPANIES with locations throughout every State.


There has been a concerted effort to deceive the American People by usurping our educational system, utilizing propaganda perpetuated through our “trusted” news agencies and our Churches. The end result is that the American People are grossly suffering from lack of KNOWLEDGE.  Lack of KNOWLEDGE leads to Unbelief.  Unbelief exists in two essential categories: not having knowledge of the TRUTH (The Truth will set you free) or failing to be persuaded by the TRUTH due to duress, programming and indoctrination, sentimentality, etc…  Essentially, the American People do not understand WHO they are in the eyes of God (The TRUE Sovereign) nor do they understand WHO they are UNDER the Constitution.  Without the accurate KNOWLEDGE of WHO you are one cannot possibly understand what AUTHORITY one HAS UNDER the Constitution.  Additionally, the United States corporate structure has put into play many programs, incentives, systems that utilize threats of force to perpetuate this situation.

Power and Duty to ACT

During the Civil War the southern States seceded, which according to the Articles of Confederation was not a lawful act.  UNDER the Constitution, the Militia would be called up to “execute the laws” in those jurisdictions and to put down the “Domestic Violence” perpetrated in the attempt to overthrow the lawful Authority.  As the Domestic Violence was supported by the People of those States and the southern States held their own elections and established a government FOREIGN to the Constitution it became a matter of National issue in that the PROPERTY of the United States was TAKEN outside of due process of Law, among other things.

The details of that war are not the focus of this presentation.  The USE of the Military in that situation IS because in contrast to our present circumstances the People of the southern States SUPPORTED with FULL KNOWLEDGE the efforts of the Confederacy to destroy the union. That was TREASON and led to a war to RECLAIM the lands that belonged to the United States.  In our present circumstances, the People of the United States are NOT acting with FULL KNOWLEDGE of the de facto governments efforts to overthrow the government of the United States.  Certainly, there ARE some People that DO understand and are in agreement with the de facto government’s conduct BECAUSE they benefit in some way from those actions.  However, this does not make what is being done LAWFUL.

Another important aspect is that the Union Army was acting UNDER the Lawful Authority and answered to the President during this time.  At present, the Lawful Authority has been RECLAIMED but is not completely RESTORED.  This is important to understand because without a Lawful Authority the Military has no POWER to act.  It must be done BY the Consent of the governed and the AUTHORITY that the People gave consent to (The Constitution) is FOREIGN TO the corporation.

It appears that the People, for the most part, are content to CONTEND with the corporation to UPHOLD their Rights which DO NOT exist in the corporation’s jurisdiction.  The purpose of a FOR PROFIT company is to MAKE MONEY FOR THE BENEFIT of the corporation’s owners, NOT TO UPHOLD THE RIGHTS OF THE GOVERNED.  And, to be plain, the use of the word “governed” as it applies to today is more accurately stated as “enslaved”.

Likewise, the Militia, according to the Constitution, is a LAWFUL civil law enforcement force called into action by the Governor, or President for a national issue, which is outfitted, trained, supplied and organized UNDER the Constitutions of the several States and the Congress when it applies to national issues.  Again, at present, the lawful Authority, although not without Power, is NOT completely staffed NOR do the People of the United States have KNOWLEDGE that it has been RECLAIMED and is in the process of being staffed according to the Constitution.

The moving parts of the solution are first of all the People, they must be offered the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH as it pertains to their God-given Rights and their AUTHORITY UNDER the Constitution; next, the system of governance must be staffed by those who HAVE KNOWLEDGE of the Constitution and the lawful use of the Powers delegated to those who have been duly chosen and sworn to SERVE the People FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE.  Those who are currently elected by the People SERVE the SHAREHOLDERS of the various corporate entities, NOT THE PEOPLE; next, the Militia must be organized UNDER the Constitution where like the Military it derives its JUST POWERS.  Just as Jesus said, without me you can do NOTHING, so it IS with the Constitution!  NO POWER in governance CAN BE lawfully executed OUTSIDE of the Constitution.  The Militia AND the Military are both FUNCTIONS of governance UNDER the Constitution.  Without the Constitution there is NO lawful Power to ACT.

We seek an alliance with ALL like-minded People of America to complete the RESTORATION of the lawful governance system UNDER the Constitution and to prepare the People for a national election as well as State elections to complete the transition back to a republican form of governance.  In UNITY, and IN PRAYER, just as our Founders DID, we CAN finish this work! We pledge our allegiance TO the Republic and to ALL like-minded People.


I represent an organization that believes in a Republican form of governance for America; that our Republic is the Union of free states based upon the Declaration of Independence (c. 1776), Constitution of the United States (c. 1787) and the Bill of Rights (c. 1791) and do hereby acknowledge of my own free will the intent of my organization to support a republican form of government for the benefit of all Americans.

My organization and its members are interested in receiving information about, supporting, and participating in the restoration of this republican form of government.
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The People of the Republic for the United States of America do not now, nor have we ever supported any intent of over-throwing the corporation acting as the de facto United States government. We advocate peaceful, non-violent methods to restore and maintain a republican form of governance as guaranteed by the constitution. We will never advocate or take part in the kidnapping of, or violence against, any public official; nor do we affiliate with any hate groups; nor would we participate in any terrorist attack against the U.S. corporate government or any public or private official. We love our fellow man, America, its People and the Republic for which our flag stands.We believe that the rule of law should be applied justly and equally to all, both small and great without regard to race, gender, color, financial status, handicap, or religious affiliation. In short, we believe in treating our fellow man as we would like to be treated. We show tolerance and respect toward corporate law enforcement officers even when those officers, through lack of knowledge, may violate or infringe upon our unalienable rights.We are not tax protesters or “Sovereign Citizens” as defined by the UNITED STATES and Homeland Security. We believe in conducting the business of Republic governance in the open, not in secret meetings. We hold that the People intend to thoroughly research the Law and the intent of the founders. We are willing to assist the corporate local, state, or national leaders, such as governors, congressmen, senators or representatives in coming to a clearer understanding of their constitutional duties and obligations to the American People.

Information about the interim government that is restoring Operations under the Constitution for the United States of America