Connecting the Dots – Understanding Crypto Currencies, Bitcoin and Blockchain Technologies

Download:  RNNCTD – January 11, 2018

Understanding Crypto Currencies – are they worthy of serious consideration?

This week we will be doing an interview with author, cybersecurity expert, and financial analyst, Jeff Wright. Jeff will be walking our listeners through the world of Bitcoin, crypto currencies, and blockchain technologies with a detailed and informative expose’ of a subject that few understand, and fewer have mastered.

We will spend the entire program discussing this complex subject with a financial expert who spent years trying to find flaws in the concept of crypto currencies only to become a believer and supporter of an interesting alternative to the Federal Reserve and fiat money. Central Bankers all over the world have had the printing presses on hyperdrive for decades, turning the entire world financial system into a very sick and scary joke. These same central banksters have planned for decades to end the use of cash, replacing it with digital money with absolutely no controls over the amount of money they generate out of thin air. Meanwhile they confiscate most of America;s real wealth while they destroy our economy with their dishonesty. Join us to learn more about a realistic alternative to fiat financial systems that has central bankers worldwide on the verge of total financial panic.

Our guest this week will be Jeff Wright.  Click picture to watch informational YouTube