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…progressive attempts to end representative government

The events following the end of the Obama presidency and the overt attempts to destroy the fledgling Trump Administration from within through holdover Obama/Clinton supporters, show the enormous power of bureaucratic appointments within Cabinet level agencies. Eight years of staffing and appointments by President Obama show that he really has transformed America to the Marxist/socialist “dream of his father” and his followers are not about to allow that Utopian dream of transformation to return to our constitutional republic without a real fight.
Learn how the Obama/Clinton insiders have worked feverishly to stop the Trump Administration from returning our government to the people, thereby reaffirming our national sovereignty. Please join us to hear several of the top experts on the subject of Deep State politics and the corruption of the progressive left.

Charles K. Ortel serves as Managing Partner of Newport Value Partners, L.L.C. Newport, established in 2007, provides value-added research to executives and to investment firms. Trained in corporate finance, Mr. Ortel eventually served in a senior capacity within Dillon Read’s corporate buyout department before leading Dillon Read’s worldwide merger and acquisition group as a Managing Director. Mr. Ortel graduated from Harvard Business School with an MBA, and from Yale University with a B.A., cum laude.
Investor and writer, Charles is interested in economics, geo-politics, history, travel and just, lasting peace. He is the proud father of two fine young adults.

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Kathleen Willey was raised in Richmond, Virginia. In 1992, she and her late husband started “Virginians for Clinton” and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his campaign. After he won the election, Kathleen commuted to Washington every day to help plan the Inaugural festivities.

Later, she was asked to volunteer in the White House Social Office and commuted again from Richmond to DC. It was during that time, in the middle of a serious financial crisis, she asked to see the President to ask for a paying job. During that meeting she was man-handled and sexually harassed by President William Clinton in a small room adjacent to the Oval Office.

Tragically that day, her husband committed suicide. After that, she was offered a part-time paying position in the White House Counsel’s Office.

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