And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
John 8:32 KJV


Re-Inhabited Volume I
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Re-inhabited: Volume I – part 1

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Re-Inhabited Volume II
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Re-inhabited: Republic for the United States of America
Volume I – America’s Truthful History

Re-inhabited: Republic for the United States of America is an unprecedented truthful historical account of America that has been “hidden in plain sight” from the American people.  This account is based on historical records and government documents as well as firsthand accounts of events that have been available but never before put together, like pieces of a puzzle, to be clearly seen for the first time ever. 

History helps us make sense of the present as well as the future.  At this critical juncture in time when America is in great peril and her history is being rewritten by tyrants who despise freedom and liberty, Re-inhabited provides answers with evidence of the truth regarding her profound heritage.  The key to her restoration is Truth.  It is the truth that, when broadcast, will lead to the restoration of America’s sacred Liberty, that which made her the mightiest and most blessed nation on earth, looked upon as “a city upon a hill,” and a Light to the nations.

Where today’s Bible scholars claim that America is not found in the Bible, early Americans through the 1700s as well as the 1800s identified her in the scriptures while the seals of the scrolls opened for their revelation.  Having learned to read from scriptures, the Holy Bible being their main textbook throughout life, we cannot dismiss what they saw and believed.

Providing this stunning and truthful knowledge to the American people will prompt an earnest seeking of the other Party of the covenantal Declaration of Independence.  Once again appealing to the “Supreme Judge of the world,” the American people can expect a response by Almighty God to remove the veil that has contributed to her “spiritual amnesia.”   With the revelation of her true Identity and National Purpose, once again calling upon His name as one nation under God, the hosts of Heaven will position for the final Act of the Greatest Drama in all of time.  The restored American Republic will then fulfill her prophetic destiny of becoming a blessing to all the families of the earth with Liberty and Justice for all.

Re-inhabited: Republic for the United States of America
Volume II – The Story of the Re-inhabitation

“The Story of the Re-inhabitation” is volume two of the Re-inhabited: Republic for the United States of America series.  The facts and evidence presented in Re-Inhabited are a very large and critical piece of history not taught in our schools for many generations.

The story of volume two includes the wisdom of our forefathers in their own words while chronicling the journey of the current day remnant that have pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor in the restoration of our American Republic.  There are amazing discoveries from historical government documents, antique periodicals, and out-of-print records and books plus vintage pictures that tell more than a thousand words about the truth of our heritage.

Re-Inhabited also brings to light the overriding evil that rules the world and the fact that Washington, DC is really a Corporation disguised as the Federal Government.  Evidence is presented in how a takeover occurred in the Civil War era that usurped governance of the American Republic and its republican form of government and then replaced it with a socialist Democracy with a law form in Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), not the Constitution of the United States.  It’s a story not unlike Old Testament Nehemiah where the workers rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem working with one hand while holding a weapon of defense in the other.  In this case the “sword of the Spirit” and discernment have been the most strategic armaments.

The “cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men,” as President George Washington exhorted the American people to watch out for, have worked their sorcery out in the open while convincing the masses that what they are seeing is not really what they think it is.  Upon completing the story the reader will be well-apprised to make right choices and take right action.

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