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Federal Bureau of Prisons
James Timothy Turner
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Poem by James Timothy Turner on God’s Republic

Pres TT Poem page13Pres TT Poem page24









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Special Prayer was held on April 28, 2016 on behalf of James Timothy Turner. This call was on the heart of Dr Fred Mosely for a about year when he was told of Mr. Turner’s situation. Fred is the author of the Laws of Life series and former judge. This call was the first step to take Tim to the Courts of Heaven. The prayer call and supporting documents are listed below:

Special Prayer  4-28-16 to Courts of Heaven

Scribe of the Nation in Testimony

Affidavit Exhibit A-Testimony James Timothy Turner part1

Affidavit Exhibit B-Testimony James Timothy Turner part2

Affidavit Exhibit C-Dueling Governments Press Release

Affidavit Exhibit D-FBI Sentencing and Statement regarding James Timothy Turner

Information about the interim government that is restoring Operations under the Constitution for the United States of America