Domestic Mess! Colonel James C Harding

Download: RNN – October 29, 2015

Please join us as Bob and Colonel Harding discuss the broad scope of current domestic events including military, political, and ……

Veteran Defenders of America

Colonel James C Harding USAF (ret.)
Colonel James C Harding
USAF (ret.)

Colonel James C Harding
is one of the most decorated military leaders and pilots of our time.

Colonel James C. Harding entered the Air Force in 1956 as a distinguished graduate of the Penn State University Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program where he was also selected as the outstanding Air Force ROTC cadet. His military career covered a variety of flying assignments as well as command positions. He served as squadron commander for a 400 person unit at Lackland AFB and as an A-1 combat squadron commander in Southeast Asia.

Colonel Harding Bio Continued

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