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Status for Provisional (Interim) free State Governments not responding or participating in the Union of the Republic for the United States of America

Acting Secretary of State Stewart
Republic Records Bureau

Dear Madam Secretary,

The Northwest Ordinance (1787) was the most important piece of legislation enacted by Congress under the Articles of Confederation. Some historians claim that the principles established in the Northwest Ordinance are so important that they actually formed part of the Constitution. Before the Constitution, the Northwest Ordinance promised a republican form of government for the territories. It guaranteed that people in the territories would not be treated as second class citizens, and they would enter the Union with equal standing on both the state and individual level. The Northwest Ordinance also ensured the equality of rights of Citizens of the new states with the rights of Citizens of the states that fought the Revolution. These rights include, but are not limited to: trial by jury, habeas corpus, due process, and religious freedom. Excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishments were banned. The Northwest Ordinance accelerated westward expansion, established policies for the creation of new states and the admission of those states into the confederation.

Once the Constitution was approved, in 1789 the United States Congress made minor changes, such that the President, with the advice and consent of the United States Senate, had the power to appoint and remove the Governor and officers of the territory instead of Congress. On August 7, 1789, President George Washington signed the Northwest Ordinance of 1789 into law. The Supreme Court recognized the authority of the Northwest Ordinance of 1789 as constitutional in Strader v. Graham 51 U.S. 82 96, 97 (1851). After it was codified by the first de jure congress, it became known as 1 Statute 50.

Therefore, as a matter of record this 29th day of September, 2016 by and with the authority conferred upon me, I, James Buchanan Geiger, President of the Republic for the United States of America do hereby notice that no individual previously holding office for free States not responding/participating, has standing with the Republic for the United States of America; those seats have sat vacant since those individuals vacated them in favor of other law forms, jurisdictions, personal agendas, unlawful commercial processes, all of which resulted in the misuse and/or the destruction of Republic property (records, seals, contact list, equipment, etc.), or failure to return Republic property to proper authorities, violation of Non-Disclosure Agreements, violation of Oaths of Office, derelict in their duty, abuse of power, slanderous/libelous accusations against the Republic and it’s leadership, secession, sedition, and potentially even treason. Let it also be noticed for the record the non-performance of the following duties and obligations on the part of these same former office holders:

  • Support and defend the Constitution of the United States in a Provisional (Interim) capacity;
  • Faithfully execute the laws enacted by the Congress of the Republic for the United States of America;
  • Keep Republic records; Attend and contribute to Republic conference calls (participating); Promote the Republic;
  • Diligently work toward having thirty thousand Republic Voters in your state so that elections could be held and;
  • Remain in honor and good standing.

Notice that it is under the President’s discretion, in counsel with other leadership, that rare circumstances may warrant a pardon and/or other considerations.

May God bless you and the Republic for the United States of America.

James Buchanan Geiger
Republic for the United States of America

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