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Support the Oath Keepers

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

The last bastions of freedom are being held in place by a few brave men and women who have taken an oath to “support the Constitution”, the “Oath Keepers.” The “Oath Keepers”, take the oath because of their belief in God’s creation, Mankind, and what the Constitution means to the protection and betterment of the American People. I have nothing but great respect for all those that take and respect their oath to the Constitution. They are guardians of the ideals our Nation is founded on. They are keepers of the peace and servants to the People in times of peril. They stand ready always as watchmen on the wall.

The “Oath Keepers”, at this very moment, are providing security to the American People individually and collectively at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and they are facing an increasingly overreaching CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I salute you “Oath Keepers”, for stepping forward to secure the Bundys and their supporters in this harrowing time. It appears the attitude and behavior of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has not improved since Ruby Ridge, Waco and Elian Gonzales. It appears the attitude and behavior of the Attorney General’s Office under Eric Holder has not improved since Janet Reno’s reign. Those that ignore the Constitution and make their own rules, do not honor, support and serve but reign. They take an oath to “support the Constitution” only because they are required to in order to occupy a government office, apparently never reading and understanding it nor intending to honor it.

Again, I express my heartfelt gratitude and respect to the Oath-Keepers. Your vigilance and love of country is an inspiration to freedom loving people everywhere. May God continue to bless and keep you and may the American People rally to your side.

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