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Governor’s support for the Bundy Family

by: Interim Governor Arkansas free-State-James Lynn Horton

Be it known today we have in America seen the culmination of many years and might I say decades of subtle (and sometimes not so) oppression cloaked in the guise of progress and equal rights. The desperate measures taken by this system of government at the Bundy family ranch should be a call to all freedom loving Americans and to all closet patriots to let their voice be heard. Where you may ask… ANYWHERE!

I want to say thank you to the Bundy family and all of their supporters for the peaceful and lawful efforts to do what is right and honorable in the sight of God. To the agents of the corporate government; I send a plea to just say NO when asked to do that which is not true to their oath. America’s very future stands in the balance for we war not with flesh and blood, but with our own ignorance as a people. We have failed our children through the omission of the truth about what government is supposed to be in America. Now is the time and today is the day to turn it all around and remember we are Americans. To destroy our republic is to destroy ourselves.

May God bless America and you!

Additional Signatories – Interim Officers and Members of Congress

Daniel Mark Owens Vice President
Michael Bishop – Florida Free-State Governor
Cory Perkins – New Jersey Nominee Free-State
Governor Ray Marner – Indiana Free-State Governor
Gregory Johnson – Colorado Secretary of State
Cindy Rohan – Wisconsin Deputy Treasurer
Mark Rohan – Wisconsin State Representative
Candace Campbell – Iowa National Senator
Jim Bleakley – Washington State Chief Justice
Kevin Saunders – Connecticut Free-State Governor
Anthony Smith – Nebraska Free-State Governor
Dean Henning – Wisconsin Free-State Governor
Jean Hertler – Wisconsin Secretary of State
Connie Schultz – Wisconsin Records Keeper
Nick Krug – Arkansas National Senator
Pete Moake – Chief Justice Supreme Court
John Eicher – Indiana State Chief Justice
Brenda Kay Owens Assistant Secretary of State
Morse “Mac” Stewart- Oregon Free-State Governor
Linda McLaughlin – Oklahoma Free-State Governor
Jim Carpenter – Colorado Free-State Lt. Governor
Craig Swets – Indiana Attorney General
David Hertler – Wisconsin National Representative
Nick Smith – Indiana National Senator
Roger Waters – Indiana District Court Judge
Michael Brum – Wisconsin State Chief Justice

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