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The Republic: A Lightning Rod

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

The Republic for the United States of America continues to be a lightning rod for the powers of darkness to hurl their attacks against the American People. In the early days of the Republic agents affiliated with the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, which has been posing as the government of the United States since 1871, infiltrated and caused division of every sort amongst the free States and the general government of the Republic for the United States of America, which currently serves as the interim governance for the United States. Those agents introduced, and continue to introduce today to the American People, every sort of process and “patriot myth” including, but not limited to: Nation States (which primarily support the notion that the Constitution of the United States did not take the place of the Articles of Confederation), Common Law Grand Juries (which suggest that there is a 4th Branch of government) and other types of “disinformation” and personal attacks against the Republic leadership, both in the general and the free State governments, which cause division and confusion and serve to undermine the reputation of both the Republic and its People. This is similar to the attacks against those who are perceived as “enemies of the State” due to their religion, conservative values and Party affiliation such as the Tea Parties that were attacked and continue to be attacked by the IRS. Some in the Republic have likewise been attacked by the IRS, FBI and unknown other agencies in an effort to discredit the Republic and to cause the American People to withhold their support.

The clearly stated mission of the Republic is to simply report the truth and to provide the American People with verified and validated information from our founding documents and the laws that have been passed in pursuance thereof that are not CONTRARY to the Constitution, which is the only law that is common between the general government and the free States. The Republic for the United States of America serves in an interim capacity, under the Constitution, and is working to provide the American public full disclosure and to act as a foundation for the free States until a lawful election can be conducted under the Constitution and free from the influence of the corporate democracy that has been posing as the government for the United States and the banking concerns that support it.

If you are reading all the disinformation about the Republic on the internet and are dismayed by what you have read, please consider: WHY would the Republic and its leadership be infiltrated and attacked publicly IF it were not on to “something”? What else would you expect to read concerning a lawful interim governance system that once the American People learn the truth about would stand to replace the imposter government called the UNITED STATES CORPORATION? Would you expect these unlawfully established corporations to embrace the Rights of the American People that are secured to them under the Constitution when their purpose is to make a profit off of the American People?

Please consider taking the time to verify and validate the “rest” of the story. Although the Republic has purposely not “advertised” to maintain a peaceful transition, its efforts to restore governance under the Constitution are well documented and we invite you to come along side us and “consider” what has been done in an effort to RE-establish the only lawful foundation upon which ALL the Rights established FOR the American People were built upon, the Constitution of the United States.

The Republic for the United States of America has restored lawful standing for the American People by making use of the laws upon which our Country has been established, not “patriot myths”.

The Republic and those friendly to it, believe it is only a matter of time before the corporate powers of the international banking interests that oppose the Constitution of the United States, the American People, as well as other Nations around the world, collapse under the weight of its own corruption. It is our hope to assist in the transition to lawful governance by providing evidence, for the candid observer to consider, which will prove that the lawful government of the United States was set aside through a series of congressional acts that are outside of the enumerated powers vested in the Congress by the American People at the onset of our government. Our next priority would be to help the People to understand how the government was designed to work so that they can participate in holding their elected officials accountable.

Those who are responsible for perpetuating these acts against the American People and the World respectively must be held accountable using the very system that was established to protect the People from unlawful governance. This system of due process is critical to the security of the American People and those who have harmed the American People will serve as “case studies” to demonstrate first hand to the American People how the Justice System was designed to work.

The Republic for the United States of America is a peaceful, law abiding system of governance. Although interim, it does not lack authority because it was established upon the Constitution. It does lack the “support” necessary to carry into effect every aspect of constitutional governance. It requires every American to do their part in “supporting” the Constitution for it to work properly. The Republic invites the American People to join in the ongoing effort to verify and validate the truth and to demand evidence from every group that “claims” to be acting FOR the benefit of the American People to prove their authority to act according to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution represents the ONLY authority vested in the government by the People to act on their behalf. If it does not match up to the Constitution, it was not authorized by the People. That is the measure of governance! It is up to the American People to learn the truth about it and then grade the performance of their servants.

The Republic is not against anyone! We that serve, by oath or affirmation, are FOR the Constitution which is FOR the American People. Those who act contrary to the Constitution oppose themselves and simply require being corrected to lawful conduct. Those who refuse to be corrected to lawful conduct are those who the American People will ultimately need to prosecute according to due process of Law.

The Republic for the United States of America stands in agreement with the Founding Fathers; relying upon “Divine Providence”, to whom We, the American People, likewise owe our thanks for the Grace and Blessings being poured out upon us by our Creator throughout this effort to restore the United States Republic!

God Bless the American People! God Bless the United States of America!

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