Secured ID: PR364424218RUSA

Secured ID on Press Releases-REMINDER

by: Media Relations Team

Many groups from around the country claim to act on behalf of the Republic when creating, sending or posting information they deem important. Often this type of media is well intentioned however it does not reflect the views or official positions of the Republic for the United States of America. Some are even designed as propaganda and misinformation.

Since early 2012 it has been the policy of the Republic for the United State of America to affix an official secured identification number to all press releases in an attempt to distinguish from non-official communications.

Official Press Releases will include a secured ID number such as PR123456789RUSA. Official Press Releases will also be posted on the national websites:

• General Information
• Official government website, (still under construction)

(Note the difference between the DNS .org and .us)

We hope this will assist you in determining actual vs. fictional Republic material. If at any time you question the validity of information you have received you may send a question to We will forward your question to the appropriate department.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this crucial matter.

Download: Press Release