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What is the Republic for the United States?

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

It is structured in the form of our original constitutional republic. It functions as an interim government, where “interim government” could best be described as a constitutional government in the making or in the waiting. Our first dejure Congress passed 20110705-01 Joint Resolution to Affirm Unity in an Interim Government. It dealt with the concept that we are interim and proclaimed that fact very clearly to the rest of the world. So what does the word “interim” mean to the rest of the world? I found the following description of an interim (provisional) government at the Wikipedia website. They did a great job describing an interim government based on history and facts:

Provisional government is an emergency or interim government set up when a political void has been created by the collapse of a very large government. The early provisional governments were created to prepare for the return of royal rule. Irregularly convened assemblies during the English Revolution, such as Confederate Ireland (1641–49), were described as “provisional”. The practice of using “provisional government” as part of a formal name can be traced to Talleyrand’s government in France in 1814. The numerous provisional governments during the Revolutions of 1848 gave the word its modern meaning: A liberal government established to prepare for elections. The most notable provisional government was the Russian Provisional Government in 1917.
Provisional governments are generally appointed and tend to arise in association with or in the aftermath of civil or foreign wars. In a time of crisis a collapsed government may reform with provisional status under a coalition.

According to the above description, the de facto corporate UNITED STATES might also be considered an interim government since it was birthed following the aftermath of the civil war. As I have stated before, our Union was preserved, but the Republic was not following the civil war. Our original Republic has been reclaimed by the American People and is an interim government in waiting. What are we waiting for you might ask? If the corporate UNITED STATES were to collapse under its own weight then the Republic for the United States is in place and ready to provide for the transition to a constitutional government.
Today, can the Republic for the United States pretend to govern as our original constitutional republic once did? The simple answer is no. We do not have the power. Where does the power to govern come from? The answer is the power to govern comes from the American People. That is why the Joint Resolution on Unity made it clear that one of the main things we must concentrate our efforts going forward is reaching out to the American People. Without the American People both understanding their original constitutional republic and wanting to embrace that republic, then everything we have accomplished to date is without consequence.
We have made great strides towards reaching out to the American People in the past year. I highly recommend that you take the time to listen to the End of the year Progress Report on the Republic. Understanding how far we have come, who we are and where we are going is paramount as we move forward. There are those inside and outside the Republic who have made it their goal to tear down the Republic even as it is growing. Please refer to my Discord Press Release that I wrote on September 11th of 2014 that was published later that month. The bottom line is that I urge you to join the effort to reach out to the American People so we can finish what was started in 2010. Remember, it was nothing short of a miracle for Americans from all walks of life to come together and reclaim their Republic.
I want to give you this opportunity to show support for your interim Republic for the United States. So, please take time to read the 20110705-01 Joint Resolution to Affirm Unity in an Interim Government passed by our first session of Congress. I am also providing President Turner’s press release that was issued when this resolution was passed.
Please take the time to send an email affirming your support for your interim Republic for the United States to

Download: Press Release

Download: President Turner’s press release