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by: Republic Leadership

Morality of founding fathers monument
Excerpt “The Re-writing of American History”

National Monument to the Forefathers
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Statue of Morality with the Ten Commandments in her left hand and a scroll of Revelation in her right hand.



On June 26th, 2015 the Supreme Court of the UNITED STATES Corporation ruled in favor of marriage between same sex couples.

The Republic for the United States of America is the lawful re-inhabited governmental structure of the original organic Republic Government. It is operating parallel to the U.S. Corporation in an interim temporary status. We are here to provide the American People with a choice between the original Constitutional Republic Government and the Godless U.S. Corporation posing as a government.

As the interim leaders of the Republic for the United States of America, we denounce and reject this unlawful attempt to usurp the voice and will of the American People to enslave them with this unlawful and unholy decision and its consequences. This decision violates the very foundation of the Declaration of Independence which recognizes the authority of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God”.

We Declare this 28th of June, 2015 before the Eternal God:

This decision does not represent the will of the American People who chose to live in Republic in one of the several States of the United States of America, and of their own free will choose to acknowledge the supremacy of the “Laws of Nature” and “Nature’s God”. And as such they shall not be held accountable for this abomination.

James Buchanan Geiger

Daniel Mark Owens
Vice President/President of the Senate

John Mark Rockwell
Speaker of the House

Harvey Pete Moake
Chief Justice of the One Supreme Court

Emory Eugene Exum
Associate Justice of the One Supreme Court

Wade King Butler

The United States of America established by our founding Fathers was a representative Republic. That Republic is the birthright of every American. In contrast, the UNITED STATES Corporation is NOT that Republic. The corporate UNITED STATES has been put in place to profit from the American people, not to represent the American people. Many Americans are awakening to these truths on a daily basis.
The Republic for the United States of America is the original Republic re-inhabited which functions in a peaceful interim capacity parallel to the U.S. Corporation. Our Mission is to provide information to the American People as to the true nature of the corporation and give them an opportunity to fully restore their original Constitutional Republic. As evidenced by the growing immoral activity of this corporation, the need to complete this process grows more urgent each day. To learn more and discover the truth for yourself please visit our website and help restore America to a righteous Constitutional Republic.

Re-inhabited: The Republic for the United States of America
The American Republic’s Story

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