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Crimes Against Humanity
~Setting the record straight~

by: Republic Leadership

Josef Mengele Angel of Death
Josef Mengele
Angel of Death

Throughout history the senseless unprovoked killing of defenseless human life has been considered barbaric, murderous and evil. At the end of WW2 the world was horrified to learn of the millions of lives slaughtered in Nazi death camps. Even worse were the revelations of gross experimentation on men women and especially children. These experiments were done in the name of medicine and science. Americans as well as the rest of the world were appalled. Those who committed these abominable acts were tried for crimes against humanity and war crimes.

In recent weeks there have been several appalling stories in the national news media about the harvesting of human body parts, in particular those of the unborn. This unthinkable behavior has taken place at Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills for experimentation and “medical” purposes. The very thought of ending the life of an unborn child is incomprehensible for a supposed civilized society. The treatment of the discarded body as some sort of commodity to be traded or sold goes well beyond any moral or ethical standards. Any so called justification of these heinous and wicked rituals is void of any moral, ethical or intellectual substance.

Instead of a horrified out cry for these unfathomable crimes against humanity the media seeks to demonize those who would dare to expose this evil. In addition, members of the corporate U.S. government have participated in these attacks and defended these wicked ritualistic practices. These experiments are being done in the name of medicine and science for the improvement of mankind. This sick perverted reasoning sounds eerily like the justification the Nazi butchers used during the Second World War.

Our founding fathers established in the Declaration of Independence that all men (human beings) are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these rights are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They defined who this Creator is as Natures God and the Supreme Judge of the world. There is only one being who can answer in the affirmative to this definition. They also acknowledged their reliance on Him for protection and existence. By doing so they submitted themselves and their posterity, future generations of this Nation, to His form of Law.

Simple logic tells us that if we are created with the right to life then that right is bestowed upon us at the very moment we are created. We call that the moment of conception. Another fact of logic is if we are created with the right to life then the life that this right was intended to protect would begin at the same time the right came into force. Therefore the willful and deliberate act of ending a human life with forethought, who has not been convicted of a crime punishable by death in our law form, can only be defined adequately by one word, murder. The word murder may make some feel uneasy when discussing abortion. There is no provision in law for a court or for the government to redefine the word, sanitize it, justify the practice and call it abortion so someone can feel better about it. We as a people, a Nation covenanted with the Creator of the universe, need to come to grips with the reality of the brutal, hideous and callousness of this crime against humanity. As far as the harvesting of body parts is concerned, no one in their right mind should need any explanation of the vile nature of this crime.

The opinion of the wicked in regards to this matter is clearly opposed to these facts. Their opinion does not make it any less of a crime. In many States the people voted to reject these abhorrent practices but a corrupt and wicked judicial system forced the people to accept these evils. Our Republic law form does not allow for any such over reach of power.

The Republic for the United States of America (Republic) does not endorse any violation of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God. In fact the Constitution was designed to prevent such violations. The Republic chooses to make clear the distinction between itself and the for profit corporation known as the UNITED STATES. The Republic was created by the people (our founding fathers) for the benefit of the people. The corporation was created by rogue governmental agents acting outside the scope of their delegated powers, creating an alternative law form that would better benefit them in the management and rule of the American people [government for the benefit of the government to manage and rule the people]. It is this corporation and those who manage it who have through propaganda, deceit and self-interest exposed the American people to the judgment of the All Mighty God for these unrighteous acts.

As the leadership of the Republic we again acknowledge the supremacy of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God on our land. We acknowledge that no “law of man” has the authority to violate His law. We humbly cry out to the Supreme Judge of the world to have mercy on the American people. We confess before our Creator that the people have sinned against the precepts of a Holy God; it is also true that they have been beguiled to do so and have been made ignorant of the consequences. It is the “laws of man” (U.S. Corporation) that have promoted these evil deeds not the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God on our land. We also acknowledge that there is no provision in Constitutional Law that would permit the government to involve itself in adjudicating, promoting or enforcing abortion. For the sake of the righteous we beseech the Supreme judge of the world to soften the hearts of the people to return to Him that they may know their God and that He holds them harmless, but that He judges those who have willfully desecrated His Creation.

May God bless America, that America may once again bless God.

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