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The Re-birth of the Republic

~Release of Chapter 20 of Re-inhabited~

by: Media Team and Jean Hallahan Hertler

The American Republic’s story from the genesis of her birth in civil and religious liberty, discovering her identity and national purpose that made her the mightiest and most blessed nation of the earth, to the door opening of the Great Deception that led to her slavery. In the midst of great peril the answer lies in awakening the American People to her identity, which leads to the uncovering of the real national treasure, the key to her prophetic destiny. Download Re-inhabited Chapters 1-20

Acting Interim Governor of Wisconsin Dean Henning’s Introduction

This story is the true story of the American People and the Republic which sprang forth from their hearts. It is told as recorded by actual historical events and documents. Courage, humility and character will be needed to read this book in order to fully understand its purpose and glean wisdom from the past. There is no intent to disparage any nationality, religion or organization.

“Great peace have they which love thy law and nothing shall offend them.”             Psalm 119:165

The story simply brings to light those things, good or bad, which have shaped our thinking and culture to date. No matter how glorious or painful the exposure of this history may be, it is essential for us to know the truth to be able to recover that which has been lost, stolen or irresponsibly turned over to those with evil intent. For those who seek the truth without prejudice, this record of events and history will be inspiring and liberating to the true reformation of the Republic our Founding Fathers bled and died for. This is the story of a people seeking to worship the God of creation free from the tyranny of man and the bondage of the arch-enemy of that creator.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”
John 8:32

Ultimately each individual will have to choose those truths they accept. The purpose of this story is to provide the people with full disclosure. The choice is yours.

Vice President Dan Owens

I encourage the American People to begin to understand their history and heritage. Reading “Re-inhabited, The Republic for the United States of America” is a good place to begin your journey. Unless we understand our history and what has been lost then we cannot begin to repair the breach. Jean Hertler has labored tirelessly to provide the American People with an accurate historical account of American History, one that has been hidden in plain sight. The documents have been available, but until now, nobody had put together such a clear easily understood overview. May we all come to a place of understanding our past so that we may act appropriately as we work together to repair the breach in the wall. Thank God for people like Jean and David Hertler who are laying down their lives for the benefit of us all.

President James Buchanan Geiger

Understanding that it is the truth that sets free, it is our sincere intention is to “speak the truth in love” so that all may be free. Americans know something is wrong but haven’t quite figured out what. America’s beloved Martin Luther King, Jr. said “If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control.” “Re-inhabited, The Republic for the United States of America” does just that. Sometimes the truth is painful; however, it is a necessary key to rediscover our heritage which will direct us to our identity and national purpose.

Jean Hallahan Hertler

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