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by: President James Buchanan Geiger

My Fellow Americans:

Since the re-inhabitation of the Republic began in late 2010, the purpose of the Republic for the United States of America has been defined as a peaceful effort to restore lawful Constitutional governance to America. The Republic for the United States of America does not endorse the actions of a few who wish to pursue common law courts, common law grand juries, arrest warrants against corporate agencies or their agents, and/or liens against the same. Individuals pursuing these efforts do not represent the Republic for the United States of America nor are they a party to it as they are joined to a law form and jurisdiction contrary to that of the Republic.

Please be warned not to be led astray by those participating in these processes. The manner in which these things are done, are unlawful even in de jure Constitutional law and will be treated as such by the Republic for the United States of America. Many times these practices are used as a fishing expedition to entice individuals who may be desperate for an illusive promise of relief. We have spoken many times on phone calls about the unlawfulness of these processes and the curious motives behind leaders of groups promoting them.

Do not be beguiled!

Please see the attached white papers by Chief Justice Moake for clarification on these issues.

Grand Juries in the De Jure Republic
Common Law Courts in the De Jure Republic

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