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From the Office of the President of the Republic for the United States of America

Republic Leadership Stance on the Donald J. Trump Administration

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

In closing my 2016 State of the Republic Address to the Republic for the United States Congress in February of last year I stated the following:
“Who knows, the American people might be blessed to have someone with business acumen to serve as President and CEO of the US Corporation along side of the President of the Republic to ensure a smooth transition back to a lawful, peaceful society. One in which there is liberty and justice for all.”
In my Thanksgiving message to the American people in 2016 I stated the following:
“I am hopeful that President Trump will go down in history as the Transition President. What do I mean by that? Basically that he will work side by side with the American people to bring back Constitutional governance to this country.”

In my opinion, President Elect Trump knowingly placed himself and his family in harms way, so to speak, in seeking the Presidency of the UNITED STATES corporation; especially considering the fact that he is going to overturn the money changing tables (Drain the Swamp) in Washington. This is truly admirable. He certainly deserves not only the respect due that high office but also the cooperation of the American people as he attempts to carry out almost an impossible task. He will face obstacles at every corner.

I have no doubt that he has already been read the riot act, so to speak, of certain invisible but very solid lines that have been drawn around U.S. politicians. However, I believe that, like President Kennedy, he will be fearless in his pursuit of doing what is best for America. We all need to uphold him in our prayers for protection and pray that the fence will begin to be torn down.

Americans from all walks of life have placed their hope in him; hoping to regain that which has been lost. I, as President of the Republic for the United States of America along with the undersigned Republic leadership count ourselves among those who have that hope. We hold that God Almighty has given the American people a window of opportunity to regain our inheritance.

I offer the following analogy in order to make it easy to understand the proper lawful relationship between the two interim governments in this country. It goes like this:
If you will, picture a door with title “America’s Inheritance.” Know that behind this door lies the inheritance bequeathed to us by our fore fathers, paid for by their blood, sweat, and tears. This inheritance is nearly limitless, but includes such things as our God given unalienable rights, relief from excessive taxation, the roadmap towards rebuilding our Constitutional Representative Republic, and above all: Liberty and Justice for All. The only problem is that this door has been locked. The American people have been forbidden access to their inheritance heretofore. Not only is it locked, but it requires that two keys be inserted and turned at the same time in order to unlock the door. I, as President of the Republic for the United States of America am holding one of those keys. The other key will be handed to President Donald J. Trump upon taking office. I have no doubt that working together, we will find a way to make it to the door and open it for the benefit of all Americans. May God hasten the day!

James Buchanan Geiger
Republic for the United States of America

Republic Leadership

Timothy Mason – New York free State Governor
Pete Moake – Chief Justice – One Supreme Court
Daniel Owens – Vice President
Dean Henning – Wisconsin free State Governor
Jim Carpenter – Colorado free State Governor
Robert Marck – Utah free State Governor
Daniel Reed – Louisiana free State Governor
Theresa Baughman – North Carolina free State Governor
Larry Fay – Colorado free State Senator
Jean Hertler – Wisconsin free State Secretary of State
Paul Waple – Massachusetts free State Governor
Don Self – Missouri free State Governor
Wayne Brown – New Hampshire free State Governor
David Hertler – Republic House Director of Education
Rev Jeremiah Sassaman – Pennsylvania free State Governor
Dave Mook – Michigan free State Governor
Roger Waters – Indiana free State Chief Justice
Gene Exum – Supreme Court Justice One Supreme Court
Mike Fay – IT Director
Brenda Owens – Assistant Secretary of State
June Meek – Ohio free State Governor
John Rockwell – Speaker of the House
Raymond Marner – Indiana free State Governor
Michael Bishop – Florida free State Governor
Morse Edward Stewart (Mac) – Oregon free State Governor
John T Wayne (The Duke’s Grandson) – Arkansas free State Governor
Charlie Alfaro, Jr – Louisiana free State Representative
Jim Cihak – Attorney General
Jenny Owens- Indiana free State Representative
Don Adams – Wisconsin free State Senator
Mark Binder – Iowa free State Representative
David Schmit – Wisconsin free State Representative

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