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Washington State Seceding the Union?

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

The President has the Constitutional authority and obligation to enforce law. Whereas, the Judiciary has the Constitutional authority and obligation to determine whether laws passed by Congress are, in fact, Constitutional. The Judicial Branch has no say in how the law is enforced, only whether the law is Constitutional. The Presidency is the only Office delegated by our Constitution with the authority and obligation of border control, including, but not limited to, controlling the flow of immigrants into America. Any argument outside of these parameters is null and void. This authority and obligation is entirely independent of any subsequent laws passed by Congress. For instance, the laws referenced in President Trump’s Executive Order, though passed by Congress, cannot diminish the delegated authority and obligation of the Office of the President in this area; they are of limited effect, and act to provide specific guidelines for the President to follow, provided that these laws do not diminish the President’s Constitutional obligation to control the border and immigration.
The very act of Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who sued in Federal Court to invalidate key provisions of President Trump’s executive order dealing with border control and immigration is clearly a violation of our Constitution and probably should be interpreted as an act of seceding the Union on behalf of Washington State; sedition, that may rise to the level of treason. Especially, considering that the States clearly ceded power and authority via our Constitution to the President of the United States of America to deal with border control and immigration into the States.

Furthermore, when UNITED STATES District Judge James Robart gave Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson Standing to sue to invalidate key provisions of President Trump’s executive order he committed an UNLAWFUL act, clearly exceeding his delegated authority.
What should President Trump do when public officials commit such grievous violations of constitutionally delegated authority? It is not something that can be brought to the attention of the Supreme Court in a timely manner. That Court, if it acts constitutionally, can only rule that the lower court acted outside of it’s lawful delegated authority.
These unlawful actions could and likely will allow for terrorist acts against the American people. Let me be clear, the blood of any American injured, maimed or killed will lie squarely on the heads of liberal politicians and judges who have politicized this issue. These individuals should be held accountable.
I urge the American people to understand the dire situation that Washington State and the UNITED STATES 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has placed President Trump. We all should rally around our President and urge him to take appropriate hard actions required to deal with these grievous violations of the Constitution by these public officials. Our Union is again at stake. This is no different than what transpired in events leading up to the Civil War. President Trump is the only one authorized and obligated to deal with this in a lawful manner. May God Bless President Trump and give him wisdom as he proceeds to deal with these unlawful actors.

“It is to be regretted that the rich and powerful too often bend the acts of government to their selfish purposes.” … President Andrew Jackson veto message to the Senate July 10, 1832, regarding the Bank of the United States

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