Our American Law and Heritage-Dr Marlene McMillan

Download: RNN – November 5, 2015

Join us in our Roundtable discussion /interview with noted author Dr. Marlene McMillan, Chaplain Wade Butler, Chief Justice of the One Supreme Court Pete Moake, and VP Dan Owens, as we discuss our unique American Law Form, and the Heritage of our American Republic.

One resource of our discussion will be Dr. Marlene’s book, “Mountains of Deceit”, a recommended read for all Americans.

Why Liberty Matters

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Dr Marlene McMillan
Dr Marlene McMillan “The Nation’s Expert on the Principles of Liberty”
Dr. Marlene McMillan has spent a lifetime learning the principles of Liberty and passing them on to others. Seminary left her with lots of Bible knowledge about “spiritual” things but lacking an understanding of what the Bible said about cultural things like law, government, history, economics and education. She continued her passion for applying the Bible in every area of daily life while raising and homeschooling her seven children.
In addition to being in demand as a business speaker, she continues an active teaching ministry where she is known as the “Nation’s Expert on the Principles of Liberty.”


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