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ISIS Slaughters While America Slumbers

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

The time has come for the American People to awake from their slumber. Innocent children are being beheaded by ISIS; women are being raped and massacred by ISIS. Their deaths and the almost total destruction of anything America may have accomplished against the War on Terror, lies squarely on the shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama. Never in our recent history has such a story reached the hearts and the emotions of America to this depth. Is this not what America does best; what we have always stood for, and fought for?

Evidence clearly shows, not only has Obama allowed this to happen, but he has been orchestrating events behind the scenes to ensure several things happen during his time in office:

  1. The formation of a Muslim Caliphate.
  2. The cleansing of Christians and others from the Middle East.
  3. The removal of any Judeo-Christian influence from the U.S. Military.
  4. The castration of our Military by purging, and social-engineering within the ranks.
  5. His unrelenting attacks on America’s economy, and our unique, exceptional culture.

By now, any thinking American must conclude this man is intent on the destruction of our country from within. Regardless where he was born, he is not an American. He is the ultimate sleeper agent in our midst. His actions speak much louder than his words. Don’t think for a moment he will tell you the truth about anything. As the streets in the Middle East flow with the blood of innocent children, our news outlets boast of Obama’s fund-raising successes, and his latest visit to a BBQ joint. Isis, as well as our many other enemies, ravage the world, while our Messianic President strolls among his fawning idolaters. When will America finally stand and say, “Enough!”? These are hard times and they require hard decisions. I know
this will weigh heavy on many of us, but the message must have teeth and must get out to the American People.

While Obama ‘studies the issues’, ‘considers the options’, and ‘weighs the benefits’, each moment that passes, innocents are horrifically slaughtered. Although their blood rains down on his head, it will stain our nation for all time unless the American People stand up in unity with urgency, and speak out with one voice to stop this now. Unless Americans Stand, this nation and its People, will never again be respected in the world, nor can WE expect to ever again, be worthy of the Blessings of God.