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by: President James Buchanan Geiger

Ladies and Gentlemen in Republic,

My duty in protecting the Republic is ever challenging. In the past we have had enemies within and without. Specially, we were infiltrated at one point by people with other agendas such as the “nation state” agenda. These same type people are the ones who instigated the civil war. They accomplished much the same with us, dividing the Republic and causing all kinds of controversies.

While I was serving as the President pro tempore of the Republic Senate we had a group of Senators who formed what they called a “coffee clutch.” This sounds innocent but the bottom line was they were trying to draw out as many people as possible from the Republic to support their own political agendas. In doing so they were breaking senate rules by conducting Senate business off the senate floor and outside the appropriate committees.

I would be remiss in my duties as your President if I did not give you a heads up on the way these types of people operate. They start by identifying something (anything will do) that might be something that people in the Republic could argue about. They would “innocently” ask for your opinion on the subject as a fishing expedition in order to build a political base to cause the division. They may be your good buddy that you speak with often. But the bottom line is that they usually operate outside their delegated authority and cross constitutional barriers in order to form their coalition.

Keep these thoughts in mind as we grow the Republic. Is there someone in the Republic trying to get you to take their side on a particular subject? Remember, ultimately the subject does not matter to them. Their end game is to cause division and discouragement within the ranks in the Republic.

If you are aware of anyone in your state or outside your state operating in such a manor, I admonish you to deal with the issue locally in your state. I would also hope that you would report such activity to those in the Republic who would have the delegated authority to deal with these issues. At the national level, I as your President will not hesitate to call a special session of Congress to deal with these issues in the committee of the whole. Ultimately, congress and the people that congress answers to, namely you in your state, have the responsibility to nip these things in the bud before they cause great harm to the Republic. I can tell you that it is not an easy thing to deal with when these types of people pop up their heads and reveal their true nature. I counted all of the senators that were in the “coffee clutch” as dear friends and respected colleagues, yet it was my responsibility to ensure that the Republic was protected. Ultimately, they were expelled from the senate by their fellow senators.

Let me be clear. It is the responsibility of all of us NOT to get caught up in areas of controversy within the Republic, no matter who is driving it. As your President, I shall continue my vigilance as I did in the Senate. I will not turn a blind eye when I see and hear of someone trying to stir up discord.

May God bless the Republic for the United States of America and may He give us all wisdom and discernment as we work together to build it.

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