Republic News Network – June 20, 2013: Madison Rising

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20-Jun_22-01 RNN

This week Republic News Network welcomes lead singer Dave Bray of Madison Rising.  Madison Rising is a pro-American patriotic Rock band that promotes the principles of liberty, independence, smaller government and personal responsibility. Their mission is not only to make great music, but to also send a message that American culture is alive and well.  Madison Rising believes that they can help revive patriotism and use their music as a way to get today’s youth more excited about politics.
From Madison Rising:

“This country has changed quite a bit since Francis Scott Key first wrote the Star Spangled Banner nearly 200 years ago during the War of 1812. Some of those changes have been for the better, but some have definitely been for the worse. One thing that has certainly changed for the worse has been the massive decline in the collective sense of pride in this country, what it stands for and what it has accomplished. The complete lack of gratitude for all we have. The sense of entitlement and “embarrassment” that permeates our culture.

The patriots of Madison Rising certainly don’t feel this way, and invite you to join us in restoring a sense of pride in our country. Take the Madison Rising One Million Star Spangled Banner Challenge [One million goal was met. New goal is 5 million by July 4th]. Watch the video. Download the song. Share this page. Play it proudly wherever you are.

… Help Madison Rising keep the Banner flying and show EVERYONE that you are one of the millions of hard working people in this country that is still proud to be an American.”

Thank you Dave for coming to our show.  You and the band are an inspiration.  Thank you all for standing up and being among the good guys.