Affirm Your Support

I believe in a Republican form of governance for America; that our Republic is the Union of free states based upon the Declaration of Independence (c. 1776), Constitution of the United States (c. 1789) and the Bill of Rights (c. 1791) and do hereby acknowledge of my own free will my intent to support a republican form of government for the benefit of all Americans.

I am interested in receiving information about, supporting, and participating in the restoration of this republican form of government.

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The People of the Republic for the United States of America do not now, nor have we ever supported any intent of over-throwing the corporation acting as the de facto United States government. We advocate peaceful, non-violent methods to restore and maintain a republican form of governance as guaranteed by the constitution. We will never advocate or take part in the kidnapping of, or violence against, any public official; nor do we affiliate with any hate groups; nor would we participate in any terrorist attack against the U.S. corporate government or any public or private official. We love our fellow man, America, its People and the Republic for which our flag stands.We believe that the rule of law should be applied justly and equally to all, both small and great without regard to race, gender, color, financial status, handicap, or religious affiliation. In short, we believe in treating our fellow man as we would like to be treated. We show tolerance and respect toward corporate law enforcement officers even when those officers, through lack of knowledge, may violate or infringe upon our unalienable rights.We are not tax protesters or “Sovereign Citizens” as defined by the UNITED STATES and Homeland Security. We believe in conducting the business of Republic governance in the open, not in secret meetings. We hold that the People intend to thoroughly research the Law and the intent of the founders. We are willing to assist the corporate local, state, or national leaders, such as governors, congressmen, senators or representatives in coming to a clearer understanding of their constitutional duties and obligations to the American People.

Information about the interim government that is restoring Operations under the Constitution for the United States of America