RICG Recording

Download: RICG – September 10, 2014
Republic Information Conference for all free-State Governors and free-State Executive and Judicial Officials

Invitation to “We the People” in Republic

Listen live in the gallery:
Wednesday Evenings
5:30 Pac/8:30 East
Conf: (605)562-3140
Code: 133512#
*Gallery transitions into the Build the States Conference for live Q&A to work on building the States and filling the vacant seats in the interim State governments.

If you are a Governor, or hold an Executive or Judicial Branch position in your State, and wish to receive conference reminders and updates in your email, please send an email to rrb.admin@republicoftheunitedstates.org with “Request to be added to RICG email list” in the subject line. You will be provided with the conference number and access code to participate.

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