RNN- Bob Welcomes Pete Santilli!

Download: RNN – March 12, 2015

…a FULL TIME radio talk show host!!

Pete is the owner of The Guerilla Media Network. Neither bashful, nor reserved -sometimes on the FRINGE- seeking TRUTH without compromise – he’s DRIVEN to help return us to our CONSTITUTION and Republic…


I am a recovering life long Reagan Republican who recently voted for Obama because I hoped for revolutionary change. Now I am a full time a-political realist who is disgusted by left-right psychological warfare. As I have researched deeper into our nation’s history, I now have so many questions about the JFK assassination, George H.W. Bush’s CIA ties to the assassination of JFK, the Reagan administration’s drug running; war mongering and as Charlotte Iserbyt personally witnessed, installation of communism through the Department of Education. As I progressed in my research, I discovered one of the pivotal points in our nation’s history was the Bush-era explosion of global mob and drug cartel control. It is now widely known, yet conveniently unproven that George H.W. Bush’s legacy as a CIA C.E.O. laid the groundwork for the Clinton’s Dixie-Mafia drug cartel dynasty. As I have observed and have been told, the Bush/Clinton drug cartels have been battling with the Obama Chicago mafia ever since.

Pete Santilli Bio Continued

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