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March 17, 2015 Article by Ms. Barnewall

Marilyn BarnewallWho’s Who in America, Who’s Who of American Women, Who’s Who in Finance and Business, and Who’s Who in the World

Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall was president of The MacGruder Agency, Inc., a bank financial consulting and profit analysis firm, from 1979 through 1993. She is recognized as the “guru” of North American Private Banking (so-called by Town and Country and Trust and Estates magazines). In the July 9, 1989 issue of Forbes, Barnewall was hailed as “Dean of American Private Banking.” She is known for creating a credit-driven wealth-creation form of banking that helps grow independent businesses to create jobs.

Barnewall’s company (she is retired) specialized in non-traditional market segmentation strategies designed to identify affluent and middle market customer niches. She started the first wealth creation private bank in America at Denver’s largest bank. She devised products and strategies to assist banks in marketing effectively to affluent and about- to-be-affluent clients that emerged into a capital source for new start-up businesses and new job growth. Strategies included loan quality, credit philosophies, loan policies, procedures, risk analysis and profitability analysis. For five years, Barnewall researched private banking profitability and published a survey each year. As a result of her work, she coined terms like “upscale,” “active investor,” “passive investor,” inter alia. Her research became known as the Active/Passive Energy Syndrome (APES) and included interviews with 5,000 of America’s self-made affluents.

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Board, Camp Fire Girls
Board, Colorado State University Family Action Center
Board, Americans for Effective Law Enforcement
Committee, United Negro College Fund, Chaired Fundraising
Board, Metro Denver Urban Coalition (Chaired Publicity, Committee Against Crime)
Board, Big Brothers
United Bank of Denver Contributions Committee, 1977-79
Children’s Hospital Preemie Wing, Chaired Committee for Battle of the Media Stars, 1978
Leukemia Society of America, Coordinated/Chaired Fund Raising Event, 1976
Handled publicity for Secretary of State Mary Estill Buchanan’s political campaign, U.S. Senate, 1980 (Sen. Hart)
Taught classes on Women in the Workforce at Colorado Women’s College, Denver, 1978-80
Taught classes on business and banking at Regis College, Denver, 1977-79
Taught class at University of Denver Law School about the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, 1977
Taught private banking for the Bank Marketing Association and American Bankers Association at Colorado Univ.
Taught private banking, Singapore, 1991
Testified before the State Legislature (House Finance Committee) on the state of readiness of Colorado’s banks to comply with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, 1977, legislation Barnewall worked to get passed.
Expert Witness, First National Bank of Chicago v Shearson Lehman, Chicago, October 1990.

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