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Download: RNN – October 16, 2014
RNN Exclusive – Judicial Tyranny?
American Patriots Radio Host
Jason W Hoyt

Please join Bob Barnet with special guest Jason W Hoyt of
American Patriots Radio
as they talk about the blatant act of tyranny committed against Terry Trussell which Jason witnessed!
After reporting criminal activities on governmental officials, Tuesday September 2nd, 2014, Terry Trussell was arrested and taken to jail for “simulating a legal process”. Appearing in court October 9, 2014 for his arraignment, Terry was arrested for “Failure to Appear.”


Jason W HoytJason W. Hoyt is an author, speaker, radio-show host, blogger, media guest, commentator and has been referred to as a motivator, strategist and thought-leader working to ensure his audience, readers, listeners and fellow patriots focus on God, the Constitution and the Proper Role of Government.

Jason is on a self-charged journey to work with patriots from around the country to bring our founding principles back. He believes it’s imperative we learn, teach and appreciate what our founders intended, what makes our country exceptional and the impact our actions today will have on future generations.

“I believe there is an awakening occurring in America. Countless Americans are on a journey letting go of paradigms and pursuing truth on a political, fiscal, cultural, educational and most importantly, a spiritual awakening.”

“There’s a national conversation right now asking both ‘what is the proper role of government in our lives’ and ‘what was our founder’s original intent?’ I believe it’s imperative we engage as many people as possible in that conversation and ensure they tirelessly pursue the truth.”

“Every generation must make a choice as to what type of country we’ll be. Only an informed and courageous electorate will choose liberty and self government. We must make the right choices today, and work tirelessly to prepare the next generation.”

Jason W. Hoyt

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