RNN-What Kind of Cop?

Download: RNN – February 19, 2015

RNN – Bad Cop?…Constitutional Cop! Oathkeeper!… “sovereign citizen”?

Be prepared. You will hear how this officer found the truth, reality, and maintained the mental balance to accept his challenges and continue in honor, grace, and reliance on his faith, discoveries, and personal beliefs…Welcome Rodney Rouzan!

Rodney-Rouzan-OathKeeperRodney Rouzan speaking to Oathkeepers

I have 15 years of law enforcement experience and 10 years as a board of director for the officers association. Over the past five years I began openly speaking about the importance of our duty to the public and the importance of our sworn oath to the constitution. As a result, I was labeled a “sovereign citizen” and “constitutionalist” and eventually wrongfully terminated from my employment. I successfully appealed my wrongful termination without an attorney and was returned back to my previous position. I subsequently sued multiple members of law enforcement for civil rights violations and successfully settled the case prior to trial.

Letter to City of LA Officials and Affidavit by Rodney Rouzan

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