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Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace
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Sheriff Richard Mack

Fresh From the CSPOA Press Conference in Washington DC Sept 16 & 17

Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Mack joins Bob Barnet to update us on the CSPOA’s successes, goals, and his new book Are You a David? that was delivered to all members of Congress in DC. Highlights of the Press Conference are listed below. Terry Trussell makes a cameo in support of CSPOA.

CSPOA Resolution

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CSPOA Press Conference Report
Washington, DC, Sept 16 & 17

On the 227th anniversary of the United States Constitution, the CSPOA held a press conference in Washington DC at the National Press Club. The lineup of speakers was powerful and worthy of international attention:

  • TX Congressman Steve Stockman
  • Gun Owners of America Director Larry Pratt
  • Ramona Hage Morrison, whose family has fought the federal government for 35 years to defend their ranch against criminal bureaucrats
  • Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke
  • NY Sheriff Mike Carpinelli
  • Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes
  • Constitution scholars and attorneys Michael Peroutka, Tom DeWeese, and KrisAnne Hall
  • Former Sheriff Richard Mack
  • Nationally syndicated journalists Ben Swann and Sam Bushman
  • Jill Tahmooressi — mother Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi, who is in a Mexico prison — was also scheduled to speak, but was unable to attend.

This event was held in DC to:

Put the federal government on notice to follow the rule of law, to obey the Bill of Rights, and to respect local authority and sovereignty.
Allow the national media the opportunity to share this message with the rest of the nation.

The only media outlets to cover the event were Russia Today and Liberty News Radio.

A video of the proceedings will be available and appear on youtube very shortly. Please visit cspoa.org for more information.

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