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Download: Josh Tolley – August 14, 2014
The Josh Tolley Show
with guest Bob Barnet, host of RNN, featured in the second hour.

Bob Barnet currently works with the Republic for the United States of America in an advisory role. He served for over 2 years as one of the original interim Senators for Colorado. He resigned his senate seat, in order to be of service to the Republic in many ways. Bob now works independently, and without office, for the growth and benefit of the Republic. A longtime participant in the business community, Bob has been involved as an executive, manager, consultant, salesman, and owner, while in business over the past 40 years, and has employed hundreds in the process.

Bob graduated high school in 1963, and enlisted in the Army from California. He served in the 82nd Airborne Division – deployed to Dominican Republic during May/June ’65; and was commissioned in 1967. He served as an Infantry Officer until November 1971, when injured during an airborne operation.

Since early 2008 Bob has been diligently working toward the return to our organic Constitution, and our Republic. Bob and his wife Dee were married in 1968, have a daughter, and two sons. Bob and Dee also enjoy their granddaughter and grandson, who both know and understand the Constitution. All are still living in Colorado.

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