Where do I Begin?


Thank you for expressing interest in the Republic for the United States of America. Hopefully you have already been able to review our Mission Statement and other information provided on the National web site. If not, may we recommend that you do so at this time. It will give you a foundational understanding of what the Republic is about. In particular, the Mission Statement, Executive Summary, and our FAQs page help to bring clarity to many questions. Our educational resources library, which includes many of our founding documents, Judicial Branch white papers, and Press Releases, are also available to further your understanding. We continue to add new content, so please check the web site often.

***The Declaration of Sovereign Intent and Proclamation of Claim and Interest have been released. You can view and download your own copy***

Where do I begin and what can I do to help?

Our Republic doesn’t just need Americans in government, it also needs Americans in support. Telling your friends and family that your children will grow up with a brighter future is just as important. We need the support of each and every free American to help build the Republic into all that it can be.

The beautiful thing about a republic is that we are all here to serve each other. Our strength lies in our ability to work together to make a solid and secure nation. The republic is going to need the service of many Americans to ensure it’s long lasting success. Consider finding the best fit for your time and abilities to support our Republic. Together we can make the change that our founding fathers believed in.

Information about the interim government that is restoring Operations under the Constitution for the United States of America