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Connecting the Dots – Money, Influence, Power and Control

Download: RNNCTD – May 18, 2017

how a powerful few can rule the world

The control grid planned for the 21st Century is dependent on power and influence made possible by a consolidation of our national/international banking systems and financial markets. By interconnecting the New World Financial Order with totally fiat electronic digital money, people and economies can be controlled and manipulated in ways that would have been unthinkable a few generations ago. Continue reading Connecting the Dots – Money, Influence, Power and Control

Connecting the Dots-Deep State Politics

Download: RNNCTD – April 6, 2017

…progressive attempts to end representative government

The events following the end of the Obama presidency and the overt attempts to destroy the fledgling Trump Administration from within through holdover Obama/Clinton supporters, show the enormous power of bureaucratic appointments within Cabinet level agencies. Eight years of staffing and appointments by President Obama show that he really has transformed America to the Marxist/socialist “dream of his father” and his followers are not about to allow that Utopian dream of transformation to return to our constitutional republic without a real fight.
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Connecting the Dots-The Clinton Foundation

Download: RNN – February 23, 2017

a global charity or slush fund for the Clinton Crime Family – You Decide!!

Today in America we face a crisis of leadership………..not from the Trump Administration, but from the shenanigans of the progressive socialists that have stolen administrative control of our constitutional republic and are attempting to form a Marxist shadow government. At the center of this effort are Barak Hussein Obama, George Soros and the Clinton Crime Family.

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