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Why the Pulpit Must Be Political and the unorganized Militia

Download: RNN – January 14, 2016

Colonel Harding returns as Bob’s Co-Host for an in depth discussion with Gary Lima on:

1. ‘Why the Pulpit Must Be Political
– article by Michael Sherrard

2. The unorganized militia – the constitutional intent, including first hand knowledge of a ready, able and capable constitutional State Militia

Militia educational resources by Dr Edwin Vieira

Armed Forces and Militia part1
Armed Forces and Militia part2
Militia and Constitution-video
Constitutional Homeland Security

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RNN – Why Impeachment Will Work!

Download: RNN – June 11, 2015

RNN Welcomes!

Col James C Harding, USAF (ret.) and
JB Williams

Why Impeachment Will Work!

Col. James Harding USAF(ret.) will discuss the Impeachment process, and the already written documents. He’ll discuss what it takes, and why it’s so hard to get this constitutional effort to the floor of the House of Representatives. Surprise guest JB Williams, co-founder of US Patriots Union, joined in the discussion.

Veteran Defenders of America

U.S. Patriots Union

North American Law Center

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RNN Recording


Download: RNN – November 13, 2014

RNN – A Veteran’s Veteran

We are pleased to have Colonel Harding with us again. He’ll discuss post election ideas for Congress…Can they regain their rightful, honorable place in governance?Ideas for impeachment of Obama…and…Veteran Status on fundraising for their benefit…what goes on!!…and at what cost??

Charity Navigator on the Wounded Warrior Project
Articles of Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

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Support Veteran Defenders of America

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

Colonel James Harding is one of the most decorated military leaders and pilots of our time and the Republic is honored to have him on our broadcast this evening. Colonel Harding, in conjunction with Veteran Defenders of America veterandefenders.org, is striving to create a nationwide volunteer network of veterans who, through education, information, training and preparedness, will serve as a key part of America’s frontline grassroots “eyes and ears of freedom” with respect to threats to our national security and our freedoms, such as the threat of radical Islam.

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Secured ID: PR364424221RUSA