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Is funding available to help re-inhabit my State?

We are all volunteers with our time and money at both the State and Nation level. It is your mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, your brothers and sisters and children of the People around this country that are the lifeblood of this Republic. The American People have freely donated their time and money for the purpose of establishing and continuing their interim government (Republic). Once the majority of the American People fully embrace their Constitutional Republic funding will come through the lawfully collected taxes to pay the verifiable debts of the government.

Is funding available for the Republic?

More and more American People are freely donating their time and money to establish and continue their interim government (Republic). As the majority of Americans fully embrace their Constitutional Republic, additional funding will come through lawfully collected taxes to pay verifiable government debts. To avoid the same pitfall of the corporate government, we will institute a radically altered tax strategy that will conform to the Constitutional prohibition on income-based and redundant taxation.