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I heard the work of the first Congress referenced on some of your calls. I am assuming that you are referring to the Republic for the United States Congress. I heard you speak about a Unity Resolution by the first Congress. Could you explain what this resolution is about and why you believe it is so important?

You are correct to assume that we are referencing the Congress of the interim government, the Republic for the United States of America. Please take a few minutes to look at President’s press release about this document on our website. Reading the actual document will help answer some of your questions and give you a better understanding of my answers. The restoration of the Constitutional government our founding fathers established in 1789 with the signing of the Constitution for the United States of America is a work in progress. Reclaiming the seats of that government for the people took place in 2010. We are holding those seats, or reinhabiting them, as we often say it, until such time that the American people can in sufficient numbers hold elections to fully and permanently restore that government. The Republic for the United States of America is the provisional structure or again as we typically state it is the interim government where this work is underway.
The Congress of the interim government passed this Resolution in 2011 to further clarity the status and standing of the Republic for the United States of America.
1. The Standing is clarified to be the same as was established by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence.
2. The status is clarified to be that of interim until constitutional government can be reintegrated.
3. The method to achieve the objective of restoring government is clarified to be that of full disclosure to the American people.
4. The means to accomplish the objective is to facilitate the lawful elections of constitutional representatives and officials at the county, state and national levels.
As it was in the Declaration of Independence we too recognize it is the people that are the final piece to the puzzle in reestablishing their constitutional government. One final note; the Republic belongs to all of the American people. Even though it is interim at this point the Congress for the Republic for the United States of America is not just ours it’s yours as well.

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What is the Republic for the United States?

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

It is structured in the form of our original constitutional republic. It functions as an interim government, where “interim government” could best be described as a constitutional government in the making or in the waiting. Our first dejure Congress passed 20110705-01 Joint Resolution to Affirm Unity in an Interim Government. It dealt with the concept that we are interim and proclaimed that fact very clearly to the rest of the world. So what does the word “interim” mean to the rest of the world? I found the following description of an interim (provisional) government at the Wikipedia website. They did a great job describing an interim government based on history and facts:

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Why is it that all of your documents emphasize that the Republic for the United States of America is an interim government? I thought you were restoring a Constitutional government.

Please bear with me; this is a great question so the answer will require some explanation and detail. The answer is critical to understanding the status of the Republic for the United States of America and the standing of the American People. First we need to understand the obligations that the Constitutional government must meet. It must be able to fulfill what it is charged with. That charge is in the preamble to the Constitution.

• Establish Justice
• Provide for the common defense.
• Ensure domestic tranquility
• Promote the general welfare.
• Secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity.
• Also, Article 4, section 4 of the Constitution requires the government to ensure a Republican form of government to all the States.

The details of how these are to be accomplished by the government is laid out in the Constitution. The unalienable rights and benefits of the people are defined in the Bill of Rights. Those rights and benefits are to be protected by the Constitutional government. Therefore that government must be able to enforce that protection or it is incapable of fulfilling its constitutional duty. The bottom line here is if the government is not capable of or chooses not to fulfill its constitutional charge it is not the constitutional government.

There is no provision in the Constitution for the constitutional government to function only partly within the parameters of that document. The government must be able to enforce the charge of the people and hold Constitutional elections before it can step into or even claim the roll of the constitutional government. It will be those who are elected in that election who will form and conduct the duties of the constitutional government.

The interim government, while lawfully established, functions temporarily and parallel to the corporation making no claims of constitutionality or permanence which would put it in competition with the corporation. Claiming constitutionality would cause those who had taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution to violate their oath since they could not fully comply with the Constitution. Neither the oath nor the Constitution makes provision for partial compliance. The interim government can only use a limited constitutional structure and form so as to remain in honor and to eliminate any chance for confusion as to its status. This protects the sanctity of the Constitution and the standing of the people.
Lastly the constitutional government must have the people behind it to make it legitimate. The roll of the interim government is to facilitate a means to the Constitutional government. It can not change, alter or enforce constitutional provisions. Interim must remain interim. It must confine any of its work to that status. An interim government that would make a claim of constitutionality without the support of the American People would violate the precepts espoused in the Declaration of Independence and the spirit in which the founders wrote the Constitution for the United States of America.

In 2010 the American People claimed their legitimate lawful standing and acted to return to Constitutional governance. They laid out their claims and standing in law. Natural law, the Declaration of Independence and the Jay Treaty are among the basis of law for their actions. They formed the Republic for the United States of America as the vehicle to do so. This interim government was given specific guidelines for growth and education since this is its primary function. These guidelines exhibit the spirit of the Constitution however some do not because of the limitations of being interim.

As you can see any deviation from the interim status into a supposed constitutional status prior to having the support of the American People creates a serious breach. The interim government can legitimately claim to be the only lawful government but it has not yet reached the status of constitutionality. It is important for people to understand this concept. The purpose of the interim government must not be to enter into the realm of governance of the American People as it has no mandate to do so. However its structure does allow for limited governance within itself based on the mandate of growth, education and preserving the de jure seats for the American People. Therefore the interim government may simulate some constitutional process but only to maintain its temporary structure using the mandate stated above.

Any attempt, no matter how well intended, to place constitutional mandates on the interim government would invalidate the interim government. There can be no debate on this matter. The interim status of the Republic for the United States of America must be preserved in order to preserve its lawful standing. In 2010 the American people noticed the world of this intent. To maintain honor, credibility and lawful status this issue must be adhered to. The people are the authority and they made this choice.
These are some reasons why there is clear distinction in our documents between interim and constitutional.
The Republic is the lawful mechanism for the American People to re-inhabit or occupy the vacated seats of the de jure government without the mandates of constitutionality until they have the ability to do so.