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RNN – Policing and ISIS

Download: RNN – February 26, 2015

Tom Osborne addresses two of the toughest subjects of our time:

Policing practices in our cities and states, including “SWAT”, and militarization, it’s intent, and concerns about outside jurisdiction command and control. Then he’ll address Islam, from it’s origin, to Jihad, and ISIS; and then Islamits – their goals, and ambitions – even here!

We’ll just dive in, and have the discussion…

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What about those who don’t share the morals of our Founding Fathers or belong to a non-Christian religion such as Buddhists, Muslims, etc?

There is not now, nor has there ever been, a requirement regarding religion. The requirement is that you harm no one or their personal property. If your religious or personal views require, or cause you to violate that, then you will be held accountable. If you have taken an oath to or have an allegiance to another law form then you will have a problem with the laws of the land. If you act in an immoral or irresponsible manner and by doing so you harm someone you will be held accountable. If your religious or personal beliefs cause or require you to violate another’s rights, you will be held accountable.

It is really that simple. It is not the religion of an individual that will or will not cause them to be in right-or-wrong standing. It is however, the behavior and actions of an individual that matters.

RNN Broadcast

Download: RNN – August 28, 2014
RNN Exclusive – Special Guest Speaker
John Patrick Quirk
National Security and Intelligence
Expert and Writer

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ISIS Slaughters While America Slumbers

by: President James Buchanan Geiger

The time has come for the American People to awake from their slumber. Innocent children are being beheaded by ISIS; women are being raped and massacred by ISIS. Their deaths and the almost total destruction of anything America may have accomplished against the War on Terror, lies squarely on the shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama. Never in our recent history has such a story reached the hearts and the emotions of America to this depth. Is this not what America does best; what we have always stood for, and fought for?

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