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Connecting the Dots – The American Rancher

Download: RNN – July 7, 2016

a conservationist profile

The life and economic viability of American ranchers is very much in jeopardy since the administrative adoption of U.N. Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) policies by the Clinton Administration in 1993. Under these policies the new standard of ranchland ownership and use is the “Precautionary Principle” that assumes every action by man harms the environment, and that without overwhelming proof to the contrary, ranching and livestock industries must be severely restricted or eliminated. Private property and other traditional American values that are the cornerstones of freedom now take a backseat to Marxist ideals of “collective rights and environmental justice” espoused by communist Mikhail Gorbachev, the ex Soviet Premier and founder of Green Cross.
Please join Dan and his guests to discuss the future of ranching in America and how it really has little to do with saving the environment.

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Federal Agencies, Property Rights and Defense?

Download: RNN – January 7, 2016

Jim White and Ammon Bundy will join the discussion with Bob for a packed hour entering a year of challenges!

Federal Agencies:

Constitution Being Killed
by un-elected bureaucrats

Agenda 21 – Public Policy

Fact Sheet Agenda 2030

KrisAnne Hall-Whats Going on
in Oregon-video

The Truth about the BLM-video

EPA Breaks Law

Hammonds Physically Threatened

Property Rights:

Hammonds need our Help-video

Hammond Prosecution

BLM Burning Ranches-video

Harney AGR Water Basin doc


Women in Combat

Sergeant Major LeHew, USMC on
Admin Push for Women in Combat

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Guest Host James White with Dave Hodges

Download: RNN – August 13, 2015

Republic New Network Welcomes James White!

Join James, of the Liberty Brothers and his special guest Dave Hodges of  The Common Sense Show.

They’ll talk about what they’re doing, and have a general discussion about today and the nation .

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