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Connecting the Dots – Money, Influence, Power and Control

Download: RNNCTD – May 18, 2017

how a powerful few can rule the world

The control grid planned for the 21st Century is dependent on power and influence made possible by a consolidation of our national/international banking systems and financial markets. By interconnecting the New World Financial Order with totally fiat electronic digital money, people and economies can be controlled and manipulated in ways that would have been unthinkable a few generations ago. Continue reading Connecting the Dots – Money, Influence, Power and Control

Will the American people be recompensed for the dastardly acts committed by the U.S. corporate government and will individual debt be canceled at some future date?

The corporation (UNITED STATES), its sub-corporations, and those running them, are benefiting grossly from their operations and must be held accountable. All accounts and properties of those individuals and corporations knowingly responsible for participating in dishonorable and unlawful activities must make restitution to those they have harmed. This may include liquidation, under Rules of Common Law (the Law of the Land), of large family estates, all trusts, all properties, companies, LLC’s, LLP’s, so-called charitable organizations etc., that may have been passed from family member to family member, or even to other individuals or entities. Every lawful and honorable means of recovery will be used, and every attempt will be made to recompense victims.

This will not relieve anyone from personal responsibility. Nor should it be assumed that all debts should necessarily be wiped out. It does mean that the American People will benefit from the real value of their land and property. They will have real money to pay debts and benefit from the product of their own credit. It means the end of predatory lending practices, abusive unlawful banking, and rape by foreclosure.