The Nation’s Expert on the Principles of Liberty Dr Marlene McMillan

Download: RNN – August 27, 2015

What is Liberty?

Please join Bob Barnet with special guest Dr Marlene McMillan, of Why Liberty Matters, in this segment of the discussion on Agenda 21.

Videos and Documents on Agenda 21 from parts 1 and 2 of this series.

Dr Marlene McMillan
Dr Marlene McMillan

Teaching study groups about Liberty and Biblical worldview over 20 years has proven that Dr. Marlene McMillan can take complicated topics and explain them in simple terms. She has agreed to speak to us on Agenda 21, one of the many subjects she addresses.


Do you ever wonder if a memo was sent to every elected official, government spokesperson, and media outlet to remind us all of the importance of sustainability. What does that word mean to you? What if it were code for making you unsustainable and bringing an end to your liberties?

The more you know about Agenda 21, the more you will be pleading with God for a great awakening to happen in our land. The promoters of Agenda 21 not only had a plan, they started implementing their plan over 50 years ago. They were patient, calculating, and strategic. We have been asleep, self-indulged, and disconnected. This is our wake up call.

About Dr. Marlene McMillan

Dr. Marlene McMillan has spent a lifetime learning the principles of Liberty and passing them on to others. Seminary left her with lots of Bible knowledge about “spiritual” things but lacking an understanding of what the Bible said about cultural things like law, government, history, economics and education. She continued her passion for applying the Bible in every area of daily life while raising and homeschooling her seven children.

In addition to being in demand as a business speaker, she continues an active teaching ministry where she is known as the “Nation’s Expert on the Principles of Liberty.”

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