Federal Agencies, Property Rights and Defense?

Download: RNN – January 7, 2016

Jim White and Ammon Bundy will join the discussion with Bob for a packed hour entering a year of challenges!

Federal Agencies:

Constitution Being Killed
by un-elected bureaucrats

Agenda 21 – Public Policy

Fact Sheet Agenda 2030

KrisAnne Hall-Whats Going on
in Oregon-video

The Truth about the BLM-video

EPA Breaks Law

Hammonds Physically Threatened

Property Rights:

Hammonds need our Help-video

Hammond Prosecution

BLM Burning Ranches-video

Harney AGR Water Basin doc


Women in Combat

Sergeant Major LeHew, USMC on
Admin Push for Women in Combat

Jim White The Liberty Brothers Montana
Jim White
The Liberty Brothers

James is the founder and editor of NorthWest Liberty News and a co-host of The Common Sense Show; which is broadcast daily out of Memphis, TN on WMQM.  James lives in the NorthWest region of Montana in the Flathead Valley, where he also owns and operates www.foodforliberty.com.



Ammon Bundy
Ammon Bundy


Bundy Ranch Blogspot




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