Future of the Republic

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Immediate Future of the Republic

Bob will be joined by interim President Geiger to discuss the immediate future for the Republic, it’s goals, it’s transition.

Press Release-Roadmap for
‘The Re-Inhabitation of the Republic’

Build the States

Interim President Geiger
Interim President Geiger

James Buchanan Geiger has been the President of the Republic for the United States of America since taking the Presidential oath of office for the interim Republic on March 4th, 2014. He has been fully engaged in the reclamation of the Republic for the United States of America since the early stages. In the early days President Geiger served the Alabama free State as co-coordinator spending numerous hours promoting, educating and helping to birth the restored Republic. President Geiger attended and helped promote the first convention of the free State delegates in Utah in November 2010 and was instrumental in helping to pen the draft document that was presented to the delegates.  

President Geiger Bio Continued

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