Women in Combat from the Women’s Perspective

Download: RNN – January 28, 2016

The overwhelming majority, who have served, want NO part of these “D. O. D. and Service Secretaries” mandates!
Marine, Jude Eden, will join Bob for this fact based discussion affecting our Daughters and Granddaughters, Sisters and Mothers and the state of the military.

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Jude Eden
Jude Eden

Jude Eden is a Marine veteran who served in Fallujah and speaks out in favor of maintaining women’s combat exemption. As an 0651, Data Communications Specialist and she deployed to support Camp Fallujah’s computer communications for 8 months in 2005-6, and was also assigned checkpoint duty working with the Marine Infantry frisking women for explosives outside the wire. She writes at her own website, Political Animal, and has been published at The Stream, Center for Western Journalism, The New York Times, the Army magazine Military Review has appeared on radio and television across the country. She is a passionate advocate for high military standards, combat readiness and the welfare of the men and women who serve. She lives and works in Wilmington, NC.

Find her on Twitter @Jude_Eden

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