Why the Pulpit Must Be Political and the unorganized Militia

Download: RNN – January 14, 2016

Colonel Harding returns as Bob’s Co-Host for an in depth discussion with Gary Lima on:

1. ‘Why the Pulpit Must Be Political
– article by Michael Sherrard

2. The unorganized militia – the constitutional intent, including first hand knowledge of a ready, able and capable constitutional State Militia

Militia educational resources by Dr Edwin Vieira

Armed Forces and Militia part1
Armed Forces and Militia part2
Militia and Constitution-video
Constitutional Homeland Security

Colonel James C Harding USAF (ret.)
Colonel James C Harding
USAF (ret.)

Colonel James C. Harding entered the Air Force in 1956 as a distinguished graduate of the Penn State University Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program where he was also selected as the outstanding Air Force ROTC cadet. His military career covered a variety of flying assignments as well as command positions. He served as squadron commander for a 400 person unit at Lackland AFB and as an A-1 combat squadron commander in Southeast Asia.

Colonel Harding Bio Continued

Gary N Lima
Gary N Lima

Former Marine NCO, retired Military Officer and retired State of Tennessee (Fixed Nuclear Facilities Program Manager – TEMA). He has taught at Appalachian State University as Assistant Professor of Military Science (ROTC) and as Senior Army Instructor at a Tennessee High School (JROTC). He has a B.A. in Political Science, a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College. Gary and his wife Leah (CHET teacher) have been married 19 years, have two sons and attend Calvary Baptist Church in Greenbrier. This is Gary’s second year teaching at CHET. Gary has many years of experience in budget management, writing/negotiating Federal contracts at State level and subcontracts at State level for Counties. Gary is a decision maker and problem solver.

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