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What can you do to help?

The beautiful thing about a republic is that we are all here to serve each other. Our strength lies in our ability to work together to make a solid and secure nation. The republic is going to need the service of many Americans to ensure it’s long lasting success. Together we can make the change that our founding fathers believed in.

Our republic doesn’t just need Americans in government, it also needs Americans in support. Telling your friends and family’s that your children will grow up with a brighter future is just as important. We need the support of each and every free American to help build the republic into all that it can be.

To volunteer for the republic is easy. You can click on the following link to take you to the forms that are necessary to join.  We also have video’s to help guide you through the process. You can find those here.



  1. If anyone is familiar with the theme of the allegory in the movie,,,The Wizard of Oz,,,,You can see that the witch,,,may be melting…..The witch is basically the banksters,,,and the wizard is the govt

  2. Tom Tucker

    Yours is a pretty high minded idea and I agree in principal, but overcoming the government dependent mentality in this country is impossible. The Dept. of Education was founded by Jimmy Carter for the express purpose of dumbing down American to the point where socialism would be acceptable. All the liberal teachers, the hitory revisionism, the leftist ideology being drummed into your kid’s heads is by design and now, after 30+ years it has worked. 50% are now dependent upon government in one way or another and truly believe in soicalsim and communism. It’s too late folks. Read the last chapters of “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”. That’s wehre we are as Obama fiddles while Rome burns.

  3. J.D. Richardson

    Greetings fellow patriots. I do so wish to join and support the cause of reestablishing our constitutional republic, and rescue this once great nation from the clutches of the international bankers (Rothschilds)
    However, my inability to access links to join, and the disorganized presentation of the website NEEDS TO BE RECTIFIED IMMEDIATELY!
    Who knows how many souls, like myself wish to join the cause, yet cannot due to the same reasons.
    Also, an idea for funding the republic until funds can be secured from the de facto USA INC., I propose that we seek a pledge for monthly contributions, rather than one-time contributions. Someone that can afford $83.33 per month, is $1,000 per year! Imagine the power of the purse with that one challange!
    Please help me get signed up, as I view this cause as one worth fighting and dying for.
    As Jefferson said, “the tree of liberty must, from time to time, be watered with the blood of
    Patriots and tyrants!

  4. If every working citizen would stop paying income taxes we could shut down this illegal United States Corporation in about a month.

  5. Kathleen Moore, Canada
  6. Warriorgal

    Where are these Americans connecting in New York? I have had it with both parties corruption. The self appointed king Bloomy is NOW used the corrupt judicial system to STOP Christians from meeting in public buildings. ENOUGH! The battle is on! We need more East Coast Americans to stand with us. How can I connect on the East Coast?

    • I like to go to this website to keep updated on The Republic.
      They stay up on current events, for us. And you can often find President Turner speaking to us, there.
      I am encouraging people to open Facebook pages, for their state Republics. People could really connect that way. Vice President Charles Wright is in charge of our media team. If you can get one going for your state, he would be the one to talk to about what to put up there. He can be reached at:
      New York is 90-92% complete.
      Florida has a website. Maybe New York has one up, too?

  7. Jenifer

    Found plenty of education info on the website, now I need info on what actions to take. Also looking for contacts in Northern California. I’m ready to help but need some direction, please.

  8. Christmas day……….. To the republic: Merry Christmas!. May GOD protect you, watch over you, and guide you to a new America. After reading your web site, for the first time in many years I have found a purpose. God has answered my prayers!I will devote myself for the purpose!

  9. Roger Waters

    If you were to look up the history that is laid out on this web page, you would see that it isn’t just true, but undisputable. Knowing what I know from just ten years of studying the history of the De Facto and the Constitution, the Republic is the only answer that we have at this point. Given the time and place that we live in and under, everyone with backbone needs to stand up, take your rightful place in history, and be counted. We need people that are willing to do what is right, and even though it might be rough at times, the question is this, what will you tell your grandchildren 20 years from now when they ask you, what did you do when the Republic was brought back?

  10. William Morgan

    Letter from a poor American

    The dream of America is gone. There is no more incentive to do anything except wait for the end. Most of our jobs are in China, and we allowed the government with business to sell off our future. We are trillions of dollars in debt, with no end in sight. We have a weak President, and Congress. I am deeply embarrassed and ashamed to be an American right now. I searched the internet for hope and found countless excuses from too many people.
    We have endless wars, we have nothing to look forward to except death, and that is even expensive. God has forsaken us all. Where is our providence? Where is our Manifest Destiny? I did however find something, a ray of hope with this American Republic Government that is being promoted by its Ambassador, Judah Ben Hur. I am also waiting for its Manifesto of new government promised, as I have found that there are thousands of people around the world that are also waiting for Judah Ben Hur, Ambassador to come forward and save us all. He is also a Colonel in the American Republic Army.
    If all of this is a internet prank, then it least it makes us all feel good for a time. What business or private household would allow itself to be so far in debt? If the American Republic can guarantee me a good job with free healthcare and education I will support it. And let’s not forget our underpaid military that needs respect and funds to live. There are millions of Americans out of work, poor, hungry, homeless, and without support. There are millions of people around the world with even less than that! I am a good Christian, and will continue to pray to GOD, to please send someone to save us!!!

    • Pat Hanford

      A true republic can not and would guarantee you a good job with health care the job of government is to protect life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. But with out the current government stealing your hard earned dollars at every turn you will have the opportunity to provide for yourself the best way you see fit.

    • free only exist in your mind. You pay very dearly for free my friend.

      The government is not to be your keeper, but your protector so that you can enjoy your liberty. You must endeavor to feed, clothe, and house your own family. That is your responsibility.

  11. Todd Neiss

    The link to sign up seems to be broken. In fact I cannot see it at all. Please help. Thank you!

  12. Dude, right on there brotehr.

  13. Glenn Freeman

    Need more South Dakota information.

  14. I just discovered this site. However, I’m in complete agreement that we need to take back our nation, liberty, freedoms and sovereignty from the tyrants who “represent us” in DC, from the Fed, bankers and lawyers everywhere, from the Corporate elite, from George Soros, from the New World Order, the royal families, the rich and powerful elite throughout the world, the Chinese and anyone else we owe money too, etc. Let’s take back what is rightfully ours from these people and as per the national debt, the way I see it is that money is owed by the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION and not by we the sovereign people of the United States of America who do not operate under the De Facto, Corporate Law of the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION, but instead who operate under the De Jure, Common Law of our sovereign nation, the United States of America and under God, our Creator and Redeemer. So, the way I see it, we do not owe any debt back to any other nation and the debt is owed by those who originated, cling to and embrace the UNITED STATES FEDERAL CORPORATION. William Tello

  15. Rebecca Beasley

    I am also ready and willing to help in any capacity needed.

  16. doro Tegnazian


    interested in knowing what I can do? your site didn’t
    allow me to read ALL your material.


  17. I’m in NC, and I’ve been trying to join the republic for months, but I can’t find a link to fill out the documents needed. I’m here to help in any way I can, but I need some direction to find the correct paperwork! Can someone help in this matter?

  18. Wendy Yeargain

    I am ready also, Who can help get my husband and I started in the right direction?

    • Send me you contact info and I will put you in touch with the people that will get you started. Bless you and thank you for your interest in the Republic.
      Jay Jones

  19. ARMYOF69

    We are in desperate times, and desperate times require desperate actions.
    What actions are needed now, before we go totally UNDER? ANYONE?

  20. ryan j youngman

    hi i meet a friend who told me about the republic here in virginia. since meeting him i have been doing my own homework and research which i would suggest that everyone ought to do, and i have come to see that the truth is self evident the facts i have found are true and accurate the republic is the real and rightful goverment. i am ready to seek answers to other questions i have how do i proceed?

    • bill davis

      try going to top of this page and click on “republic contacts” on the pull down select “state contact info” find your state and email that person for help. if you have tried that on that same page is the national ambassador email him for help. I know him. he is good guy and will try to help you. if that fails email me at and I will try to help you find help

    • Hey, that post leaves me feeling flooish. Kudos to you!

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